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Tonight stayed late after infovis trying to get the PHP pages to work - after a couple of hours there are still a couple of problems but I was just about PHP-petered out. But if you'd like, check out our handiwork at http://dream.sims.berkeley.edu/newshound/database/index.html. The database we've put together is pretty cool, if I do say so myself. And I feel like after a week of struggling through the new country classification updates, like I've got a more solid handle on mysql and PHP. Not a scripting badass by any stretch of the imagination, but on my way.

Speaking of being a badass, took the Myers-Briggs again and found I've changed since I took it last. Was an ENTJ, now am an ENFJ. Have gone from being a Master of the Universe to being a Teacher. Am a bit disappointed. Not that I don't agree with the assessment - I think it's actually more accurate than the old one was but I don't really know if I want to spend the rest of my life helping other people, teaching. (This of course from the girl who was telling someone today she's thinking about going back for a Ph.D. in a few years and then going into university teaching/research. I don't want to teach - my ass I don't want to teach...)

When I emerged from South Hall at 7:30 I turned on my phone (the reception in the building is so bad as to be more of a tease than anything else) to find I had five messages. A couple from the fam updating me on plans for tomorrow (the wine party, then dinner with the family later), one from SS the SS asking if some friends could crash at our place, one from the friends could crash at our place, and one from (the exbf) saying hi. Picked up a couple of horror movies ("The Exorcist", and the 1960's version of "The Haunting"), some sorbet (am having a major sugar craving) and called everyone back.

(Note - I am now officially that annoying girl on the bus talking on her cell phone. I tell you, the best thing about having a cell phone is being able to talk as I'm going from place to place - as my sister-in-law says I never call unless I'm walking around.)

I vegged, watched one of the movies and part of the other and am now decompressing from a rough week. Feel like, I don't even know what I feel like. I love the adrenaline rush of being in the midst of exciting intellectual work, being busy at work, being busy socially but at the same time I just want to spend the rest of the weekend at home in bed rather than doing all the fun things I have planned. Monday can be should be quiet - maybe will plan some down time for then.



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