SIMS Graduation (May 19, 2002)

Mom and Keith got their degrees at Berkeley when I was a kid and I can remember going to the ceremonies and seeing them in full regalia. When I decided to go back and get a Masters at Cal that image was in the back of my head - sure it was going to be work and yes I was doing it for professional reasons but also I wanted to join the gang of people who got to wear that getup.

Wish I'd written something that day but thinking back the whole thing was worth two years of hard work. The family (all four parents, three of my sibs, one grandmother, my uncle/godfather, family friends/fairy godparents Chris and Jean) and SS the SS there.

So it's just photos and comments below. If you weren't at the big day you missed quite a party, and if you were you know how great it was!

MIMS Class of 2002 on the South Hall stairs
(above) MIMS Class of 2002 on the South Hall stairs. I'm fourth row from the top, second from the right.

(above) Actually getting the diploma from Messerschmitt. This was right after the Dean completely massacred my name, despite being given the pronunciation. But since that also happened at my high school and undergrad graduations I'm learning to expect it.

(Above) Wearing the crown * and talking with Marti. Marti's one of my favorite SIMS professors - loved her courses and she was great to TA for.

(Above) Keith and Chris, Jean and Mom, Pam and Me and Marti enjoying the party in the South Hall hallway

(started August 7, completed August 10)

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* I made crowns for my project partners and me, for us to wear after we gave our final project presentations. Though we didn't wear them to the ceremony we wore them at the reception at South Hall, afterwards. The crowns were very cool - we were the only group with celebratory headgear.

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