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Things to Look For

There are a lot of men to sift through and when it comes to test for the right ones, we all need something to cling to. Here are some shorthand tests I've seen to indicate he might be at least be a Mr. Right-for-Now.

He opens the car door for you

(That is, assuming it's his car and he's driving. If he snatches your car keys from you so he can drive that's not chivalrous, that's vaguely creepy and akin to carjacking.) I'm not saying that women are delicate flowers that can't lift a handle for themselves. In general I believe that whoever gets to the door first should open it for whoever is following. And of course you could wait until he gets to his door and automatically unlocks the doors to climb in. But if he opens the door he is saying that he wants to treat you a litle better than he treats his best friend Fred.

He calls you when he says he'll call you

If he really wants to talk to you, he'll call. I don't care who he is or what he does: if Clinton could find time to call Monica Lewinsky your potential boy wonder can call you. No need to be too strict with this one. Don't throw him out if he says he'll call in the afternoon and he doesn't call until 7pm. But it could be an indication that he's not very into being involved with you.

He laughs at your jokes

I'm not talking about a fake I'm-humoring-you laugh, but rather that caught-him-by-surprise-but-damn-lady-you're-funny laugh. If you two spend any amount of time together life will bring all kinds of stresses your way - having the same sense of humor will do a lot to make that easier. Besides, if you're a ham like me you'll want the audience.

You think he's hot

Sure it's obvious, but I can't count the number of times I've ignored a complete lack of attraction to someone and dated him anyway. I'm not saying you have to think he's the best looking thing in five counties but if you're not looking forward to smooching him at the end of the night, don't go out.

His friends know who that you exist

As his girlfriend that is (just knowing that you occupy some general space isn't enough). People differ in their tell-the-family-about-a-significant-other timetables, but if he's hiding you from society at large I'd questions his intentions. (Unless his friends are really creepy and he's trying to protect you...)


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