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a brief description of my good intentions

I meant to get a lot of work done today.

Really, I did.

But there was something about the weather (pretty warm), the hour I got up (late) and how it is the start of the semester and consequently the workload is light and therefore... well it is easy to feel like really there isn't a lot to do (even though there is). Right now its reading, work for Warren's class, some cursory stuff for Buckland's collections course (as Peter said last week - even if there's a lot of work for an assignment or two it'll be interesting), things for NewsHound.

It is the 'Hound that worries me - though there's plenty of time in the semester there's also a lot to do before May. So I'm continuing my slogging through international news sources looking for the elusive group of papers that are from varied countries, in English, and not in some wonky format. Much much harder to find than it sounds here. So I guess my sloth isn't/ wasn't as terrible as all that.

There is JA's party tonight (though I'm very very sad to be missing Demmert and Darren's "Women Must Wear Leather Pants" shindig back in DC - will have to see what interesting things can happen here).



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