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Had a great time at JA's last night... Wore my high high heel red snakeskin boots and got compliments up and down - someone told me that they were the most "bitchin'" boots he'd ever seen, a couple people looked for me so they could see the shoes everyone else had been talking about. Now, it was a party of 30 people tops so it's hardly a cacophony of praise, but for someone who usually glides through the week in typical grad school garb (jeans, sweater, whatever) it was great.

But even without the compliments, the party was fun.

Earlier in the evening went to Vietnamese food with SS the SS et al. There's a place near where SS the SS and I live, we've been speculating about how they keep in business with so few customers. After last night we were wondering how they manage to have even a few customers - to say the service was glacial would be doing glaciers a disservice. But we got to laugh over the strange music (soft-rock favorites) and talk.

Again, the party was fun. Got to see (most of) my favorite of the Thirsty Thursday usual suspects, plus a few others. Drank a bit and managed the usual drunk conversations hopefully without being too philosophical/ obtuse/ bizarre. Stayed until the end and walked home with M and ML who were wonderful wonderful enough to walk with me (must be at least a mile from JA's to my place - thankfully I'd had the perfect balance of alcohol: enough so that I didn't mind walking so much in 2 inch heels, yet no so much that I couldn't walk in the aforementioned heels).



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