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morning pages

Decided to start doing morning pages this way. I know that Julia Cameron would have a heart attack, dreck about how writing longhand is the way to go but whatever.

Am finishing up comments on the 213 assignments.... have to finish this last one, find something resembling clean laundry, head into the shower and head up to campus. Making myself write something anything for at least another five minutes. Feel a bit listless no not really but tired and distracted and looking forward to starting the day. Have to force myself not to look at the screen, I can feel a million typos littering this page I'm trying to keep flowing keep typing not thinking about gross spelling errors not trying to think about anything but just letting loose the flow from my mind to keyboard to disk to screen.

Survivor last night was fun - really like hanging out with Marie.... We drank pineapple juice and Malibu, gossipped about the castaways, made fun of Jeff Probst. Looking forward to another season of it with her - what will I do who will I watch it with (who will be as much fun) when I'm back in DC?

The branches outside the window are blowing around, can see the shadows through the blinds in the window behind me out of the corner of my eye. Another amazing day outside, no doubt. Need to get outside. Need to get up to school and get some work done.

Feel like I'm getting a handle on things. Have been keeping a to do list in my notebook, adding things on and crossing them off when appropriate. It helps, when I'm sitting in the middle of a class (it always always happens in class when I'm captive in a lecture chair - never seems to happen when I'm idly playing Free cell and listening to a CD at home) to write it down write it all down then stick the notebook away and continue listening to talk of, well whatever its talk of. Today is infovis - animation theories and practice. Should be cool, though the readings were I wouldn't say sparse but hard to synthesize for me (my weakness not theirs, let's say). Then there are the extra ones from last week. Damn. Really should go.



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