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So I'm procrastinating on the infovis reading and assignment. Really need to get this close-to-done tonight - its a busy week with getting work done and prepping for the exbf's visit. The readings are interesting once I get into them. Its not that they're boring earlier on, but usually it takes an article for me to wrap my mind around the topic, to make it so it isn't whatthehell.

Been continuing my folksy music groove. Got the Jess Klein CD and have been playing the hell out of it... good music to sing along with, certainly got me through cleaning the fridge on Saturday (and hell, any music that can make cleaning a fridge okay has to be pretty good).

SS the SS comes back tonight, can't believe she's been gone for five days already. The place is as clean as it ever is so there's no work to be done on that front, I've enjoyed having the place to myself but I've missed her, missed having someone to talk to. I mean, being able to walk around half-dressed is cool and all, but I'd rather have her home.

Today was lovely. The weather was incredible - yet another stunning sunny day. Got up late, walked to the top of Solano, then on the way back stopped for videos (continuing my horror movie fest - watched "The House on Haunted Hill" and "The Shining") and a burger... came home and vegged, relaxed.

(I really needed that. The weeks are so stressful, with me pushing myself to do more more more work and half thinking I'm crazy to be trying to do three classes and work and a project, feeling guilty always that I'm not doing more.)

And of course on the walk I talked on the phone - to the exbf who I hadn't talked to in a couple of days (my fault - been getting home late and just not feeling like talking to anyone), left messages for my Mom (whose return calls I missed, damn) and Talullah.

Talked to my stepmother for a bit, she was asking me about plans for the big cross country trip. I need to start planning. Depends on whether SS the SS is moving back too (then we can take her car) or Beley decides to move back (then he and I can figure out transport together - and he'd be great to do a trip like that with). I've been thinking about cars, and considered going on a motorcycle (in the early 70's my dad drove from Oklahoma City to San Francisco on a motorcycle). Then I start thinking reality, like how damn dangerous it would be to go alone without even the protection of a car, how emergency rooms are filled with motorcycle riders, how there's no protection from the elements, that "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" is a great book and all but that doesn't mean I have to live it. But the though keeps wandering into my head and I'm seriously considering getting a bike when I move back to DC. Hmmmmmmm.

But back to real driving plans, I need to start thinking about it. Graduation is only a couple of months away. Hard to believe.



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