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currently reading - "Love in a Cold Climate" by Nancy Mitford (for book club), and a bunch of articles on Empirical Evaluation (for infovis).

currently listening to - the same Jess Kline, Rose Polenzani, Rachel Garlin and Josh Ritter guitary-folk. I think it may almost be time to put something else in the cd player.

job status - still waiting to hear from OPM about the PMI program, and things at the Library of Congress are looking really good.


eagerly anticipating/ fretting about the future

So I'm somewhere after yet still in a freak out. Things are going well they're going really well and I feel like I don't even know what to think of any of it.

Had a nice visit with the exbf. Was great to see him - its been so long since January and though we talk on the phone it was great to talk in person. He's a touristing machine - we went to Carmel (did Cannery Row, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, Pacific Grove, 17 Mile Drive, and Pebble Beach... and that was Sunday afternoon. Then Monday and Tuesday we went to the Carmel Mission, Big Sur, hung out around Carmel), he went to Napa and Muir Woods while I went up to school, we had dinner with my family, another dinner with my brother and sister in law, we went to Thirsty Thursday at Triple Rock (where he met a bunch of my school friends), then dinner in the city (where 18 of us had tapas in a yummy restaurant in the mission, he got to meet everyone everyone). It was nice to show Jason some of what my life is like here - going to DC is just different, more like our/ his space. Whereas here in Berkeley, well I'm the one who lives here. So I'm glad he got to meet my friends here, that I could show him some of what I've been doing the last couple of years.

Got a response from LOC - we've been talking since she called last week to let me know that she'd like to offer me a job. The position sounds wonderful wonderful - a combination of design, information architecture, usability, classification, digitization work.... basically a headfirst dive into digital libraries. Perfect! The only downside is that they haven't posted the position yet so they would be offering me a temporary job then I could apply for the permanent version. Am a bit nervous at the idea of not getting a permanent permanent job - obviously they want me but what if it doesn't work out? But then how perfect it would be to have a job already nailed long before graduation, to be able to move to DC knowing where I'm working knowling how much I'm making so I can immediately find a place to live, and having a job at the Library of Congress for god's sake! So I'm juiced/ stressed/ not sure at all.

So mostly I'm trying to stay calm, relaxed. Spring Break this week so no classes, no new assignments - a good time to hang out, catch up, do some reading, jusr re-calibrate.

Back to some reading. I promise to be more animated manana, I swear!

events of the day - laundy. revising this site. reading. enjoying the first day of spring break!

plans for tonight - renting a movie, I think. wow - the thrills of grad school life.

and tomorrow - oscar night! ss the ss and I are gathering a gang to watch the oscars. I'm debating on whether to dress up or not.


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