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currently reading - finished "Love in a Cold Climate" yesterday (was okay, a little disappointing), now onto the Frida Kahlo biography

currently listening to - Fiona Apple (Tidal) and Prince (Greatest Hits, Volume 1 and 2)

job status - still waiting to hear about the PMI program, pretty sure I'm going to take the LOC job.



Feeling less hectic, more relaxed. Then again two days of doing nothing strenuous could do that to a person.

Last night went with SS the SS to her parent's house to talk with them about the LOC job. Her parents are an extra set of parents for me out here - when I was in High School and would visit my father their house was my Berkeley home base and since I've moved back they're the 2-miles away adults to call in case of emergency. So I asked them about the LOC job - outlined the prospective job offer, what I'm afraid of (that the permanent job won't come through), and what I'm giving up by taking the job (nothing really). They are excellent listeners, asking solid parental questions, offering cool insights, and have known me long enough to be truly happy for successes in my life. What an incredible gift to have nearby.

Otherwise... looking forward to the Oscars (no real real favorites to win - still haven't seen many of the films), looking forward to more break time.

events of the day - sleeping, hanging out, cleaning, and more cleaning.

plans for tonight - oscars - no dressing up planned but maybe I'll wear a spangly scarf or something.

and tomorrow - planning on working all day at mains, maybe will go see a movie tomorrow night.


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