Listening: "Jealousy" by Liz Phair. Have had that song stuck in my head all day.

Reading (perhaps quality): Read the paper this morning.

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing right now.

Drinking: water.

July 30, 2002
10:57 pm

Am feeling ill. This isn't good. I have the wedding on Thursday (my dress is already grey, I don't need to be too) and a full weekend afterwards. I don't want to be sick. Gave up dinner plans to go home and sleep - drifted for a few hours and felt much better, now am about to head to sleep some more. Maybe if I'm a little less tired I'll tire it out.

asterix bar

Finally finished my trip narrative. Meant to work on it earlier but just figured out how to download the pictures last week, and then the writing took longer than I'd thought. Was great to look at the pictures again, to remember the trip. Definitely enjoyed it. Definitely have no urge to do it again anytime soon.

a m.   just a m

Doing (life and related tasks):

Doing (crafty stuff): Just finished the narrative about my cross country trip. Trying to decide if I want to brink some knitting to work on

Wanting: To not get sick - this cold really sucks.

Anticipating: class tomorrow, the wedding, and the rest of the weekend.

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