Listening: the Valentines Day mix I made this year (singing along with "Out Tonight" from the Rent Soundtrack)

Reading (perhaps quality): Gave up on Goffman. Just finished and completely loved loved loved "Auntie Mame" by Patrick Dennis.

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing right now.

Drinking: cheap red wine.

July 29, 2002
10:33 pm

My exes have it so easy. Unless they study medieval spanish history or epic poetry they never have to hear my name again. Not me with them - my tendency to date men with prepster names has completely caught up with me.

Saturday night went to a dinner party then out in Adams Morgan with Talullah and a bunch of her friends. Had a completely wonderful time - the gang was fun, very funny and great to talk with and I got home at 4:30 which made me feel like less of an old lady. But one of the guys had the same first name as a guy I used to date. Every third or fourth time someone said his name it was distracting, and I don't think I called him by his name once.

I know I'll get over it. I think I'll even get over it soon.

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In related news...

My stepfather has been a surprising source of ideas of how I could/should/would meet guys. His ideas so far have been standard (go to a cafe or book readings, avoid bars) but the one yesterday was his most creative and devious.

Have been planning to get a bike (once I get back from the wedding this weekend) and Keith's idea was that I go to a park where a lot of young single men go and get a flat tire. Then I could play damsel in distress and let some cute handy boy biker fix it. The best part? His suggestion that if someone not so cute rides up and offers to help that I say someone else is already helping and wait for someone cuter to come along.

Not sure if it'll work - I have my doubts about the good samaritan-ness of most folks, and with the heat/humidity as its been the last few days I think I'd pass out from heat exhaustion before I could get someone to stop. But I do appreciate my stepfather's creativity and interest.

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In real life - I love it when work problems are easy to solve - on friday I uploaded some files for someone in the planning division and this morning got a peevish e-mail saying that she couldn't find them. I was able to, but wasn't sure if I was seeing cached files or something equally annoying so I went up to her office to see what she was seeing. We looked at the files, turned out that the files had a .htm extension while her links had a .html extension. When I explained the problem and how she could fix it she was happy and I was thrilled it wasn't anything stickier. Would that all problems were so simple and satisfying to solve.

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Other than all that? Had a great weekend - hanging out on Friday, on Saturday bridesmaid dress shopping with D and another friend from high school (D liked and we agreed to very simple very pretty ice blue sleeveless princess seamed floor length dresses - no crinolines) then dinner and a really great time with Talullah et al, on Sunday brunch with D and Fergus and Demmert. Definitely fun. Then the rest of the day I mourned the passing day by sleeping off the rest of my hangover and talking with family on the phone.

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One more thing - got my photos from O-Photo today. My brother and sister in law post their digital photos there and I couldn't resist the most adorable shot of my very very cute youngest nephew, and another of my brother with one of my other nephews and a niece. Though I'm a million miles away and the kids really do change so quickly its nice to be able to catch up even if it's only digital.

Off to bed - have been working on my trip narrative and talked with D on the phone (she's still at work). Hasta manana.

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Doing (life and related tasks): Picked up the dress for the wedding this week, did laundry, got my cool star glasses from Restoration Hardware.

Doing (crafty stuff): Still working on my narrative about my cross country trip.

Wanting: Nothing - all's good.

Anticipating: the wedding on Thursday/ Friday and getting to hang out with Marie and 3-String this weekend.

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