Listening: the last few minutes of CSI.

Reading (perhaps quality): Still reading Goffman. Though it's good I'm starting to give up.

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing right now, trying to concentrate on finishing Goffman and I know if I have something easy to read instead I'll stray.

Drinking: cherry flavored seltzer water.

July 25, 2002
9:54 pm

I am not a morning person. This is well known. When I was little my mother and stepfather used to fight over who had to wake me up for school in the morning - even as a six year old I was that much of a pain.

And its not that I like to sleep in - I like getting up around 8. I guess I could do that since I don't have have to be in the office until 9:30, but since I like getting out of work before 6, get up earlier I must.

That's where the snarling comes in. On the walk to the metro I keep my mind pretty clear, but from the time I step into the station until the first cup of coffee kicks in at work I'm thinking snarky sarcastic thoughts about my fellow passengers. Take this morning. I get on the train in Clarendon and usually have to stand until Metro Center or so. I was standing by the door and had to move at each stop - that itself isn't so bad. What bothered me was that I was already standing up against side and the woman on the other side of the door was blocking most of the doorway and not moving a millimeter. I know it's petty, but would it have killed her to, I don't know, at least get her bag out of the entryway so I don't have to contort myself? Then when I was sitting there was a family behind me - we'd stopped at Smithsonian and the doors hadn't opened yet. The woman said something about how she bet that the train was broken and we'd have to sit there for a while. How this woman clearly not from the DC area had the expertise to know this, of course she was just talking out her ass. But still a wave of annoyance flowed over me and it took a lot to restrain myself from saying something regrettable.

So it's not that I think I'm right in all of this. I know I'm wrong. Am trying to see this as some sort of Zen test. Or motivation to get a car.

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I need music in general and with my solitary work and very quiet work environment (cataloguers are a great but quiet bunch) I've been trying to come up with a list of good CDs to write and code by. I of course love Prince (his greatest hits volumes 1 and 2), music in foreign languages works well too (been listening to zydeco and tex-mex stuff); other suggestions would be appreciated.

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Foster sent out the invites to our first "Stitch and Bitch" meeting. There are only four of us in the group right now - though it would be okay to make it larger I really like the idea it being small enough so we can be comfortable with each other. The "bitch" part of the meeting was the best part of the group I was in in Berkeley, and the crazy-relaxed-honest dynamic was possible only because the group was so small. Or because the women in it were/are so awesome. I guess a combination of the two.

But I am looking forward to starting this one. The gang of us have been friends for a long time and all of us are active needleworkers (Foster and I knit, Demmert crochets, D cross-stitches) who are at least intermediates at our current crafts. Actually am hoping someone can teach me how to embroider - it's been years since I've done it and I'm dying to try out the patterns from sublime stitching ( Then again would love to take up sewing and make some curtains or tablecloths with fabric from Reprodepot Fabrics ( Mmmmmmm, must control new project lust....

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Doing (life and related tasks): Had dinner with a friend at Jaleo. Yum!

Doing (crafty stuff): Now that I can download photos I'm thinking about what I can do with them.

Wanting: Someone to take me grocery shopping.

Anticipating: Picking up my dress and shoes for the wedding next week.

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