Listening: the 11:00 news.

Reading (perhaps quality): stalled with "Turtle Moon" by Alice Hoffman.

Reading (definitely pulp): during daylight hours am finishing up "Needful Things" by Stephen King.

Drinking: water, still.

August 13, 2002
11:24 pm

Foster brought up and we both signed up for the Arlington Police/Fire 9-11 Memorial 5K. Haven't run a race since The Avenue of the Giants a couple of years ago and definitely need to train (walking's good and all, running is different) but I am looking forward to it.

asterix bar

Crossing my fingers that I'll get to take that Corcoran class after all. My boss asked me to submit the paperwork, now its up to the budget-gods to see if I actually get it. The course itself is a bit of a bear - every thursday for 15 weeks, 5:30 to 10. And it is in Georgetown so to get there I'll have to leave at here at 5 if I take a cab, 4:30 if I do metro/ walking. But the course itself sounds so worth it, there's a lot in it that would be very helpful to the office's work here, and to actually have the library pay for it? Talk about bliss!

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Just realized it's a 5K not a 10K. Okay, much better. And shorter.

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Apologies for further entry lameness - am busy cleaning and have to get into work by 7:45 tomorrow (have an 8 am meeting). Grrrrr. Off to bed!

a m.   just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): trying to write an intro to user centered design for library webmasters, drinks with Marie, picked up dry cleaning, did laundry, finally caught up with SS the SS.

Doing (crafty stuff): I ironed five blouses and two pairs of pants tonight. It's not crafty but has considerably expanded my wearable wardrobe.

Wanting: the funding to come through for that Corcoran course.

Anticipating: Mom's visit this weekend.

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