Listening: Alanis' latest album.

Reading (perhaps quality): started "Turtle Moon" by Alice Hoffman.

Reading (definitely pulp): during daylight hours am finishing up "Needful Things" by Stephen King.

Drinking: water, water everywhere.

August 12, 2002
10:45 pm

Am restless and exhausted. Didn't sleep at all last night, woke up repeatedly with fever dreams that kept me from resting even while sleeping. Don't remember what the dreams were about but each time I woke up (at 1, at 2:15, at 3, at 4:30) I was shivering and sweating and heart racing. Last time I had a night like that I woke up with a busted blood vessel in my eye and a sclera that stayed creepy red for a week. My eyes are tired this morning but at least I don't look like I just got out of a bar fight.

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Went to Screen on the Green tonight with Demmert and Fabian. Had been meaning to go this summer, but the movies were odd - none of the usual good-time fare I'd seen the past couple of years. Well "Viva Las Vegas" completely rocked - music was great, Ann Margaret danced great if not a little freakily, Elvis was dreamy, and the whole thing was pure hokey fun. Definitely good.

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Talullah's prepping for her sister's wedding this week - miss her and hope she's keeping her head above the wedding tide.

Speaking of weddings, Leigh and Porter got engaged this weekend. Hooray hurrah and best wishes to the two of them.

There are only a couple more couples who are serious and not engaged/married. Sort of like waiting for the other show to drop with them. I remember my brother saying something about how everyone gets married at once and I didn't believe it. Well now it looks like at least four weddings, and that's just close friends. Hot damn. Guess I'd better get my credit cards out.

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Stitch and Bitch last night was great. Foster had us over at her house (Demmert and D and I) and we drank wine and did needlework. D's sister and four year old nephew were there too so I suspect there was less bitching than there would be otherwise (for the nephew - D's sister can bitch with the best of us). Am looking forward to next month's meeting at my place.

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Am just completely exhausted, guys. Like I said I didn't sleep well last night and I'd like to get at least a little rest. Hasta manana!

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Doing (life and related tasks): finishing up the cybercast and cybercast tutorial at work, went to Screen on the Green with Demmert and Fabian and saw "Viva Las Vegas"

Doing (crafty stuff): started the front of the sweater... looks good so far but I'm a little unsure about how it'll all come together.

Wanting: someone else to do my laundry for me. and clean my apartment. and pick up my dry cleaning. and go grocery shopping.

Anticipating: Mom coming to visit - got tickets for us to see the Egyptian and Jackie Kennedy exhibits Saturday which should be fun.

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