Listening: the hum of the air conditioner

Reading (perhaps quality): started "Turtle Moon" by Alice Hoffman.

Reading (definitely pulp): during daylight hours am finishing up "Needful Things" by Stephen King.

Drinking: water. lots of water.

August 11, 2002
5:05 pm

Bought a bike today. A lovely real, sturdy bike from a real bike shop. And a helmet. And a honking big lock (it weights 10 pounds. really). Friggin awesome. But not without some pain-in-the-ass-ness (literally)

Got a flat tire in the first 15 minutes of riding. Was tooling down Highland Street when I rode over a twig. Didn't think much of it until I head a slow hissing sound. I was kind of hoping that maybe someone was watering their lawn, then I looked down and saw the flat, began to hear it. Flop flop flop. I turned around and headed back to the bike shop, they fixed it right away. Took a two inch thorn out of the tire - I guess I'll be avoiding twigs on the road from now on. Showed me how to take off the tire, replace the tube.

So now I know how to change a tire. I'm just hoping I won't have to for a while yet.

asterix bar

But the rest of the day riding kicked ass. Forgot how much I love bike riding - did it a bunch in junior high, high school, college but not much since. It's really hilly around here - the actual change in elevation from start to end point may not be much but in between there's usually a honking big hill or two. It'll be good exercise, if nothing else.

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Mom's coming to visit this weekend - hooray hooray hooray! We talked today and confirmed that it's really happening. Hooray again!

Off to Stitch and Bitch at Foster's!

a m.   just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): cleaning up in preparation for mom's visit, baking cookies for SnB.

Doing (crafty stuff): planning on starting the front of the sweater tonight during SnB.

Wanting: someone else to do my laundry for me.

Anticipating: SnB tonight, Screen on the Green tomorrow.

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