Listening: Letters to Cleo's remake of "I Want You to Want Me"

Reading (perhaps quality): just finished "The Haunting of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson. The 1960's movie of it with Russ Tamblyn is actually better than the book was.

Reading (definitely pulp): still trekking through "Needful Things" by Stephen King. Hey, it's long.

Drinking: coffee.

August 10, 2002
1:01 pm

Woke up early this morning, like 6:30 early. Couldn't get back to sleep for a while, then once I did I had a series of strange and scary dreams.

One where I was climbing around in what was supposed to be a sewer but looked like a metro station - a group of us were trying to catch up to some bad guy who was sic-ing big brown leaping spiders on us. You could see these things coming and mostly avoid them but they freaked the hell out of me.

Then there was one where it seemed like I was awake and slowly my bedside lamp went off. The apartment went pitch black and I could hear sounds like there was someone in the next room, I got up slowly and all of a sudden there was a plate in my hand and I noticed that my apartment was on the ground floor rather the top one it's actually on. There was no one in the apartment but there was a woman outside with a camera taking photos in of me walking around with the plate. She noticed me and started to run away. I then heard someone behind me, started to turn around but woke myself up.

Apparently I need to get some more sleep. Or maybe that was my psyche's way of making sure I got less?

asterix bar

Been a busy week at work. Finally finished that webcast I was working on - was having trouble getting the start and stop times to work for all of the modules (I could get the video to start and stop when I wanted but the slides did something funky) but found a workaround in the documentation.

Then got called to help someone else - one of the other departments had someone working on another webcast so I went over to see what was going wrong. All this immersion in smil/streaming media has been good because I knew how to fix his immediate problem (the webcast wouldn't play in Netscape) and knew where to look to find answers to the rest of his questions.

The funny part of the meeting? He'd done a google search on me, so when I came in he started mentioning things - that I'd worked for Pinkerton's, graduated from Berkeley, etc. Don't know if he did a search on my first and last name or just my first - for both I'm the first and primary person who gets picked up.

Once again, the unusual name makes anonymity impossible. Guess I really do have to live a blameless life, then...

a m.   just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): cleaning up in preparation for mom's visit.

Doing (crafty stuff): just finished most of the back of my shell sweater (waiting for mom to visit so she can help me decipher the pattern), will start up on the front tomorrow.

Wanting: someone else to do my laundry for me.

Anticipating: going to a ball game with D et al.

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