Listening: "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" (Paul Simon, is it?)

Reading (perhaps quality): Arturo Perez Reverte's new book. At least I mean to start it. Sometime soon.

Reading (definitely pulp): no time to read this morning.

Drinking: still on water.

August 26, 2002
8:53 pm

It's raining out. We've needed the rain, I've heard.

Hard for me to believe it - growing up in California during the 70's and 80's I'm no stranger to drought years and associate them with brown grass, short showers, and rhymes about how often to flush the toilet*. Droughts mean being careful about one's water usage, about turning off the water while you're soaping your dishes and turning it back on only to rinse. They require low-flow shower heads and inspire celebration during the rare times it does rain.

Apparently droughts here are just different. It's been so humid its hard to believe there's not enough water around and I haven't seen anyone conserve any. Grass is green and leaves aren't withering on the trees. Still looks damn verdant to me.

But it is raining today. And if the weathermen say that we need it I believe them. But it still doesn't feel like a real drought to me.

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Just got the Corcoran class approved - so it looks like I've got 14 weeks of late night graphic design classes slated. Hurrah hurrah! Not looking forward to the long days (class until 10 once a week) but am looking very forward to getting a basic graphic design background and a chance to really boost my design chops.

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Went jogging today with Foster. Have been avoiding doing it, freaked about doing it. Last time I did any serious running was with Thali a year and a half ago when we did the Avenue of the Giants 10K. And I know I signed up for this 5K and it's a short run, but still.

So I went over to her place and we did an easy jog - hard enough so we could talk but not sing, up and down Arlington's many hills, sustained for long enough so we didn't feel like wusses but short enough so we didn't die. Think we'll be fine for the run.

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Went out last night with Bibi; the work day work was long and horrendous for both of us and a couple of drinks seemed like a good idea. Got out of a meeting late and met her drink-in-progress at the bar at Whitlows, about 6:30.

Had a great time - after grousing about the events of the day (satisfying in its own way) we spent a while reminiscing about the gang of us during our days at PBS. [Beley, Bibi, and a few other people - we'd got out to lunch during the day and out drinking at night. Tops were our nights out at Heaven; last night Bibi and I talked about all the guys we'd met at there at 80's nights (most were pretty unmemorable, some pretty cool, and many pretty dreadful)].

Stayed there far too late - three drinks and two cigarettes later she dropped me off home. Agreed that it was like old times but better: though I can't party as hard as I used to, am happy to have all that confusion and drama behind.

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* the rhyme was "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down" (back to entry)

Doing (life and related tasks): Had a day of interviews and usability work at work, forgot to set my alarm so woke up incredibly late but strangely un-refreshed, went jogging with Foster this evening, hanging at home now.

Doing (crafty stuff): working on this site - isn't that enough?

Wanting: still looking for someone to do my laundry for me.

Anticipating: a nice three day weekend!

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