Listening: a live version of "I Wanted to Tell You" by Matthew Sweet. On repeat. Somehow it is just speaking to me tonight.

Reading (perhaps quality): Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

Reading (definitely pulp): Young Adult trashy romances I picked up at the book sale

Drinking: tonic water, no gin.

October 6, 2002
9:28 pm

Busy end of the week last week at work - have been working on a site that needs to be relatively updateable (because I don't think I'm going to be the one maintaining it) and yet attractive. If you're not a web designer you'd be amazed at how rarely those two attributes go together. If you are one, you're shaking your head at the task in front of me. But I think I've come up with something good - we'll see when my colleague in charge of this project comes back on Monday and renders her verdict.

Finally feel like I'm coming out from under - going to the gym in the morning kicked my ass for the first couple of weeks (though I actually do feel more energetic now, just like the articles say), there was my masters project partner's wedding last weekend and my other masters project partner staying with me, the homework from the graphic design course taking more time than I'd thought, things being busy at work, and my self-imposed lovely but crazy social calendar (wouldn't have it any other way) all creating this exhausting mix of, well, exhaustion. My Dad's been thinking I was dead since I haven't been returning his calls but then again I haven't been returning anyone's - for the last couple of weeks as soon as I got home I would collapse and go to sleep. When I would hear the phone ring the thought of getting up and being sociable was just unbearable.

leaves! leaves! leaves!

I get a lot of ridiculous spam in my free mail account, got this one the other day which totally cracked me up.

Hypnotize Women Into Bed

Fat Bald Ugly Insecure Broke? Guys! Did you know you can learn to hypnotize women into bed?

Come on, dude - you can't tell me you don't need a little extra edge when it comes to scoring. It's FUN, and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

(Then there's a web site and no I didn't visit it.)

Do guys really fall for this stuff? I am a little intrigued at what kind of jedi mind trick someone's selling that's going to get me to go to bed with someone who is fat, bald, ugly, insecure and broke. Does it involve mirrors? swirling patterns? subliminal messages? I guess the next time I'm out and someone's muttering incantations under his breath I should just steer clear.

leaves! leaves! leaves!

So Talullah and I picked up our guitars on Saturday. I'm still all goofy smiles and sore fingers about it. It's really a beaut. When I first held it it felt foreign and large, much larger than they look on people playing their guitars on far away stages. Haven't named it yet.

The store owner spent about 15 minutes a piece with us showing us how to hold it and a few chords. Then Talullah and I hopped in her car, went up to Rock Creek Park, picked a nice place in the shade and played for a bit. Played chords, that is. But it was friggin' awesome. I mean, I can play the guitar. I can't play any songs (yet), my fingers are still sore from holding down the strings (I'm hoping to develop calluses soon), am planning on starting lessons in a couple of weeks, and am just so psyched about all this. And Lulu's just a great person to do this with, too.

leaves! leaves! leaves!

As you could tell from the sidebar, things have been busy lately. It took until about last Wednesday before I started feeling like I could devote any energy to things beyond the daily what-have-you. And even sitting here now I'm tired with thoughts of all I've been up to, energized by the projects to be done, and ready to start winding down for the evening. Hasta manana!

a m.   just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Stitch and Bitch tonight, brunch with SS the SS this morning, Foster's birthday last night, Guitar playing with Talullah yesterday afternoon, Book sale and drinking with Carrie on Friday.

Doing (crafty stuff): knitting a sweater out of some fluffy plum colored yarn.

Wanting: someone else to take the trash out for me, a new bookcase, and a copy of the newest Weezer album.

Anticipating: Writing more, getting a good night's sleep tonight.

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