Listening: have "Fried Green Tomatoes" playing in the background.

Reading (perhaps quality): Pink Think by Lynn Peril and Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

Reading (definitely pulp): Young Adult trashy romances I picked up at the book sale

Drinking: cold water.

October 8, 2002
9:44 pm

Can feel the incipient guitar-playing callus on my left index finger. At least I hope the dullness I feel there is a callus and not some kind of nerve damage. Could be either at this point. Talullah called me at work today to ask if I too was losing feeling in my left fingertips. When I told her I was she sounded relieved. At least both of us are damaging ourselves the same way.

Played for a little bit - Sunday night after the girls left SnB, last night, this morning, tonight - am getting better at stretching my fingers across the frets, at feeling when I'm holding the strings hard enough. Most of the sounds that come away from it sound good, I'm playing surer and better. The store owner recommended holding the guitar close and hard like a boyfriend (If someone held me in that loping grasping way I'm not sure I'd like it but then again, who knows?)

leaves! leaves! leaves!

Nothing like seeing someone else doing what you do to make you rethink doing it. Was on the elevator this morning - when I got on on the fifth floor (to go down to the basement) there was a huffing woman already on the car. Then we stopped again on four and she huffed again and looked at her watch. Her annoyance was palpable. When the elevator stopped on three I thought she was going to lose it. Then we made it past two and stopped on one, where she trotted out.

I think thoughts like that all the time, the could-for-the-love-of-god-people-please-not-use-the-elevator-to-go-down-one-flight-of-stairs thoughts. And I'm sure they eye rolling, foot stomping, heavy sighing I do looks just as strange and petty to others then as this woman's did to me today.

leaves! leaves! leaves!

Almost didn't make it to the gym this morning. Forgot to set my alarm last night and woke up at 6:40. I thought, as I was lying there as the morning's first bits of sunlight filtered through the window and Bob Edwards' voice droned on, about how I could skip going. About how I could go to the gym near work. C'mon, a voice whispered, it's already so late why bother? Then I thought about how Marie and D would be there, how I would feel like a lame-ass not being there, and about how after 5 minutes of ruminating I was too awake to go back to sleep.

Whether I go in the morning or in the evening a day isn't quote right without going. So I guess all this gym-going is actually becoming a habit. Pretty damn cool.

leaves! leaves! leaves!

So it's off to bed for me. Hasta manana, all!

a m.   just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): laundry tonight.

Doing (crafty stuff): continuing the knitting a sweater out of some fluffy plum colored yarn.

Wanting: still hankering for someone else to take the trash out for me, a new bookcase, and a copy of the newest Weezer album.

Anticipating: seeing Sarah et al at the happy hour and SS the SS for West Wing.

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