Listening: "Impressive Instant" by Madonna

Reading (perhaps quality): Armadale, still. I liked "The Woman in White" and even "The Moonstone" but this one's pretty bunk.

Reading (definitely pulp): Still too busy to read anything that's not absolutely grabbing me.

Drinking: cherry flavored seltzer water.

October 28, 2002
10:15 pm

My pants today frighten me a little. They're this brown and white abstract floral pattern (Lord, that sounds horrid) that's actually pretty cute and when I bought them at Ann Taylor this summer I thought hey I could use a pair of cotton pants that look fun and are different than my staid brown/black/grey/navy work pant routine. So today when I was skulking around the apartment looking for something to wear I pulled these out, tried them on and checked them out. They looked strange on in my full length mirror but everything does*. And it was getting late and I figured what the heck.

Though I still like the pants I'm beginning to regret my early morning bravado. Sitting here at the computer as I look down to type (I'm an advanced hunt and peck-er - no touch typing here) I'm distracted by the swirls in the fabric. There's a lot going on on my legs today. It's taking some getting used to.

leaves! leaves! leaves!

Unrelatedly, there's nothing like hearing a familiar song done different to make you appreciate the original. Was listening to a Diana Krall album and unintentionally had her live version of "A Case of You" on repeat. The Joni Mitchell version of the song is one of my favorites - mournful yet hopeful and a little plucky with the guitar; its good for when you want to feel sweetly reminiscent. The Diana Krall version, on the other hand, was just mournful. Didn't really pay attention to the song at first but after I'd heard it in the background a few times I felt like ... well like being really sad (stunning command of English there, eh?). It was like a grey cloud of regret swept over me and all of a sudden I found myself thinking about guys I hadn't thought of in years, or of even worse potential good things squandered. Damn. Turned that thing off in a hurry.

leaves! leaves! leaves!

Still feel like hell, though I feel much better than I did yesterday.

Foster's friend's party was Saturday night and I guess I drank more than I'd thought. Three glasses of punch and half a beer shouldn't be enough to floor anyone, right? Well I was fine there, made it home without incident. Then by the time I clambered into bed I felt decidedly dizzy. Woke up in the morning and felt like I'd died. Headache, weak stomach, the whole nine yards. SS the SS and I were supposed to go to breakfast with Foster and Fabian and D and Fergus - I called right before we were supposed to leave to let Foster know we were dying instead and would see her later. So the two of us vegged the day away - I slept, read, and occasionally croaked to SS the SS who was doing much the same in the living room. Eventually I was able to sit up and SS the SS and I watched movies (The Lost Boys in Spanish, Three Musketeers, whatever else was on) and ate chinese food which was the first thing I'd eaten all day that tasted good, and that didn't come back up.

So today does feel better though food still seems like a not-so-great idea. I'd like to make it over to the gym tomorrow, and I think with a little extra sleep and some more pepto-bismol all will be well.

a m.   just a m

* my full length mirror is a cruel cruel fat mirror - and no I'm not hopeful/delusional I've had many people look at themselves and say that no mirror anywhere makes them look as bad as my mirror does. It has the opposite effect of the picture in that Dorian Gray story - it's like it reflects every horrible fear you've had about looking large and strange and misshapen.

Doing (life and related tasks): during the week - work! this weekend - party! and ! hangover!

Doing (crafty stuff): Knit SS the SS a hat last night. Am chugging along on the purple sweater.

Wanting: to go home and get changed.

Anticipating: Seeing one of the Banditas de la Machina from Berkeley who's in DC for the week.

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