Listening: Some undefined humming noise. Hmmmmm. maybe I should check that out.

Reading (perhaps quality): Finished Alias Grace (Margaret Atwood, as usual, rocks), picked up a Wilkie Collins book (Armadale?) from Jim and should be starting it tomorrow.

Reading (definitely pulp): Too busy to read anything that's not absolutely grabbing me.

Drinking: water. tea. diet coke.

October 22, 2002
10:11 pm

Stayed home sick today. I think its the one day this week I didn't have meetings and I've really been feeling under the weather. Have been bitching about how my apartment is about a million degrees and realized today that at least a few of those are from me.

Which is a little disappointing. Not that I still can't get grumpy that its friggin October and I have to practically keep the windows open at night to avoid sleeping in 90 degree heat. But I am sad that I can't be quite as righteous about it.

leaves! leaves! leaves!

I feel much better though after a day of lazing. The only work I made myself do was get better.

At least that was the only work I did effectively. I also did some laundry where I washed a load with a lipstick. Brown sugar clinique mixed in with clean clothes. Bleh. I almost cried. Luckily some of it were things that stains don't matter to much on. As for the rest I'll try to get it out

See, I'm getting all weepy again, just thinking about it.

leaves! leaves! leaves!

But it hasn't all been fevers and poorly-done domestic chores today... talked with SS the SS for bit on the phone (making plans for tomorrow), im-ed with D, and got an email from a friend at school who's thinking about moving out to the East Coast (New York I think but it'll be good to have another Simian close to around). And the rest of the week is the sual round of busy-ness with class and friends and Halloween parties, oh my!

The Halloween thing has got me thinking - Foster's friend is havng this shindig on Saturday and the invite recommended that women wear sexy costumes. Since its a group of guys throwing the party I understand why it said that but I started getting annoyed at the balance of it. I mean I'd like to see the men in sexy costumes too.

So I've been trying to imagine a Halloween costume that would be attractive enough to be, well, attractive, but not cookie cutter sexy nurse-maid-slave-girl fantasy du jour. So I was thinking I could be a nun. But maybe with a short skirt? And I was thinking I could carry a ruler. Because if I'm going to try to fulfil someone's fantasy, better the knuckle-rapper than the knuckle-rappee.

a m.   just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): was home sick today so slept, slept more, did laundry, and knit a hat.

Doing (crafty stuff): had to re-start the fluffy purple sweater (kept adding stitches - mohair is more complex to work with than I'd thought). Oh, but knit a hat in like half an hour this evening.

Wanting: to shake this fevery thing.

Anticipating: feeling better and getting out of this (decidedly un-funky) funk.

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