Listening: "C'mon C'mon" by Sheryl Crow

Reading (perhaps quality): Alias Grace is done and I'm pondering what's next.

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing. Really.

Drinking: diet coke.

October 17, 2002
10:35 pm

Halloween has started at the Library. Actually it started last week when a couple of the people in the office here set up a 4 foot scarecrow with a lit pumpkin head and sparkly fiber optic hair right on the other side of my cube. Turn my head to the left when I'm typing and I can see it's back, shoulders, lit head and floppy hat, along with one arm slung over the whiteboard. The sparkly hair is mesmerizing - from red to sparkly to blue to sparkly to green to sparkly then repeat. When I'm looking to phase out it's something interesting, but not too interesting, to stare at.

The only other spooky thing about this floor is the quiet. The jangle of my keys as I type is jarring to me, and when I stop and listen around the room all I hear is the hum of CPUs, a few keyboards clicking, and an occasional cough. Yesterday we had cookies - one of the team members is taking an extended leave - so there was a 15 minute party and conversation time. But then back to work. I suppose, for them, a cataloguer's work is never done. Actually, seeing the shelves and shelves and books around I'd imagine that is the case.

a m.   just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Busy at work lately doing usability stuff.

Doing (crafty stuff): continuing the knitting a sweater out of some fluffy plum colored yarn.

Wanting: a good night's sleep.

Anticipating: helping Foster and Fabian move on Saturday.

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