Listening: "New Year" by The Breeders

Reading (perhaps quality): Finished Empire Falls, continuing with The Road to Santiago.

Reading (definitely pulp): Still nada.

Drinking: Chai. Or rather I will be once I get the energy to head to the kitchen.

January 11, 2003
9:45 pm

Am blasting The Breeders, there's sunlight streaming through the windows, a reasonably good night's sleep behind me, my sore-ish throat disappearing, tea brewing, and about an hour before I have to go meet Demmert - life is damn good right now.

Less so for a lot of last week. That other entry was just the tip of it - since Dad and I started planning our trip to Texas my grandmother has been in my mind (somewhere, forward or back) all the time. It's colored everything else - I find myself getting more tense about things that I think would have bothered me less, more reckless with things that I would normally think twice about. I'm hoping that a concentration of good times and non-stressful stimuli this weekend will leach some of that from me.

Think I need to go dancing or something. There's nothing like being in a large dark room with good music blasting, a ton of people around too busy to pay attention to you, a little bit of a buzz (booze of course), it being late enough in the evening so that some good things have happened but early enough so you know more is on the way. Was out with Bibi last night and we were talking about Heaven (the bar in Adam's Morgan) again - our best nights there were like that.

No plans for dancing this weekend, though. Last night was good, albeit quiet. Bibi and I met for happy hour over in Adam's Morgan - the bar was okay but the atmosphere a bit sterile. Hung out for a bit then called a couple of her friends and met up with them for dinner at Tara Thai in Arlington. The boys were a bit late but worth the wait - very funny, sweet and even nice to look at. We had a good time trading restaurant recommendations, making fun of the truly bad service, and teasing Bibi.

The sun's steaming hard through the window. I have it open and putting my hand up against it it doesn't feel cold outside though the weather says it's 30 degrees. Old forecast? Faulty senses? Abberant weather pattern outside my window? Who knows.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): The last week at work has been crazy busy and I'm glad to be able to rest and not have to think about it or anything else for a day or two.

Doing (crafty stuff): Still still doing nothing right now. But Foster was talking about maybe the two of us making some magnets for the sale tables at our sorority's upcoming convention....

Wanting: That tea. To be already made.

Anticipating: Have the Christmas present for Demmert today and some plans with D et al tonight.

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