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February 10, 2003
9:54 pm

WETA/NPR are finishing their pledge drive and this morning half asleep I dreamt I made a challenge grant pledge. Could have sworn that I went to the computer and did it online but I came to and I was still in bed. So either I'm sleep-pledging or I need to hit the snooze alarm a little less.

Hitting the snooze alarm has become an embarrassing habit for me. And sleeping has been elevated from a necessity to a pastime. Have been neglecting going to the gym - all I want to do lately is sleep, curl up on the couch, cook yummy things and partake (while giving some away, of course).

The cooking's actually been pretty fun. Yesterday SS the SS came over to make some valentines sugar cookies. We'd done a test run of them a few weeks ago so we thought it was safe to go for a full scale roll out (get it? sugar cookies/roll out?). We then went crazy with the decorating - piping around the edges, filling in with colored frosting, then decoration on top. My favorites included the concentric hearts and the love-dove with pinkeye.

Cookies and the cookbook
(above) Cookies and the cookbook

The cookies turned out well - buttery shortbready and even when they're overcooked they don't taste burnt. This has given me what I suspect is false hope in the recipes in the 1960's Better Homes and Gardens cookbook the recipe came from. I mean even if these cookies turned out fine there's no reason to believe the opera fudge (divinity with maraschino cherries) will do the same.

snow! snow! snow!

Was amused by This Week's Horoscope for CANCER.

This Valentine's Day will see you shine as a role model for romance. (This should be interesting - as of right now my Friday night will either be with a guy-I-like-and-have-been-seeing-for-a-couple-of-months-but-don't-completely-know-how-things-stand-with or with a bunch of girlfriends-talking-about-how-men-are-sometimes-lovely-but-often-annoying. I mean I guess either could be a role model for romance - but for seeking it or avoiding it?)

Look for a financially secure message to reach you this weekend. (Wait? The message is financially secure? Or I'll be more financially secure after getting this message? Woo hoo! Looking forward to that!)

A bit more passion than you bargained for is offered on Thursday, but make sure you aren't becoming too indiscriminate with your associations. (Have no plans to go out on Thursday night but maybe I should make some. "... more passion than [I] bargained for"? Does this mean I talk to a guy and he sends me his severed ear? And "... indiscriminate with [my] associations"? Is my horoscope saying I'm slutty? I'm offended!)

snow! snow! snow!

In other news I saw the exbf today, first time since last March. Was leaving the office and as I headed down the stairs I saw someone across the street who looked familiar. "Hey, I know that guy" I thought. Then I looked again and realized, well yes, I knew that guy. Was already late to meet up with Marie and ambivalent about actually talking with him so didn't call him over or anything. But it was good to have that other shoe finally drop...

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Busy at work. Unfortunately that has swamped most of my mental go-to.

Doing (crafty stuff): Finished the valentines, trying to decide what to do next.

Wanting: Some energy.

Anticipating: Some fun this week/ weekend.

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