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February 18, 2003
9:15 pm

Coming out from under this snow weekend. It started Saturday night/ Sunday morning, stopped Monday afternoon. Had a relaxing time watching it snow, catching up on my reading, hanging out. Spent the time holed up comfy and warm. Though today has been nice and I really do want to get back to work and real life I miss the enforced relaxation of having the snow really too high to do anything.

Our offices were actually closed today (instead of that decidedly unliberal liberal leave). Spent the day doing laundry, cleaning, doing every bit of hand washing I'd been putting off, and baked some cookies and some lemon bars. A complete, yet quiet, blast.

snow! snow! snow!

Let's see whats on tap in This Week's Horoscope for CANCER.

Any travel this week is greatly favored, especially if you need to learn a bit about taking chances on open-ended agendas. Woo Hoo! I'm going to Graceland (well to Memphis, TN) this week so travel is in my plans. And the agenda is open-ended - all I know is what time the plan leaves and when we get back. The rest is yet in-the-air. So far so good...

Friday evening is especially good for a date and some romance, and Saturday will be the best day to begin tackling long-unfinished business. No dates for me on Friday, at least not with the guy I'm dating (I'll be away and he won't be on the trip). If there's romance to be had I certainly won't be one of the people having it. As for the "long unfinished business" I'm intrigued - and a little frightened. I mean, spending the weekend with people I went to High School with there is a lot of ground we could cover.

Look to consolidate a lot of energy into focused tasks after the middle of the week. Just as well, as with the holiday and the snow I won't be heading into work until mid-week (Wednesday). Today I did get a lot of work done (cleaning and laundry and cooking, oh my!) but have much to do at work starting manana.

As for Last Week's Prognostications?

This Valentine's Day will see you shine as a role model for romance. Spent it with the boy and had a really good time. That's all y'all need to know...

Look for a financially secure message to reach you this weekend. No idea what this was about. Maybe with the snow it got delayed?

A bit more passion than you bargained for is offered on Thursday, but make sure you aren't becoming too indiscriminate with your associations. No hot loving but there I found myself reacting more strongly to a situation than I would have liked (and that's passion, I suppose). It actually gave me quite a bit to think about - usually bombast doesn't get under my skin that way.

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