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June 16, 2003
8:44 pm

I guess things happened today. But really I'm still recovering from a busy weekend away.


Pre-Wedding (Thursday and Friday):

Thursday - Mom and Bug picked me up at the airport, along with the dog who spent much of the drive home either sleeping or licking my face. We picked up dinner from Bertucci's, ate at home and hung out/ caught up. Keith came home late, he was traveling for work and I tried to stay up to talk to him but I just got too tired and went to sleep instead.

Friday - Got up late-ish. Talked with Mom on the phone and Keith in the kitchen about my plans for the day and the future in general. Went for a drive so I could practice, since it had been over a year since I'd been behind the wheel. Realized I really needed practice parking but otherwise would be okay. Picked up a thank you present for Tess's parents for letting me stay with them. Came home long enough to hang out a little with the family then leave for Massachusetts in general and the Tess and Troy's rehearsal dinner/ wedding in particular.


Getting there:

Left later than I meant to and was hoping that traffic wouldn't be too bad. It was. Took about an hour to get to 91, a 20 minute drive without traffic. But except for the annoyance and grinding worry part, the traffic wasn't too bad -- slow moving is a comforting pace for this new driver. Got to Amherst without incident and thankfully found pull-in parking since my rural-driving self doesn't know how to parallel park. Got to the Lord Jeff Inn where Tess told me they would be, asked at the front desk and someone told me that they'd all just left for the rehearsal dinner. Was surprised that the rehearsal had only taken half an hour but what the heck, and I headed to the car to meet up with everyone at Tess's parents.

There the fun started.

looks like it should be easy...(right) deceptive little maps....

The MapQuest directions to Tess's parents' place were unfathomable, and since I'd been following signs not directions I couldn't remember how to get back to 91. So I approximated and drove about for 20 minutes or so. Got to see the Amherst campus, some farms. Stopped at a Liquor Store and asked the clerk for the easiest way to get to 91. She gave me a route with two turns, I thanked her and made it back to the Highway. Somewhere around Chicopee I called Jen's cell to let them know I'd be joining up with them at Tess's parents and Jen said that they were at the church that the guy at the Inn had gotten it wrong. Since I was already halfway to Tess's parents though not to worry and they'd meet me there. Then she put me on the phone with Tess's dad who assured me that the directions he gave me to their place from 91N would work as well from 91S.

Tess's dad had mentioned a Longmeadow Exit and Main Street. Off 91 there's an East Longmeadow Exit that mentions a Main Street, and Longmeadow Exit that doesn't. Tried the East Longmeadow Exit - spent 15 minutes tooling around an increasingly seedy section of East Longmeadow looking for the street I was supposed to turn right on. Stopped at gas station and when I told them where my directions told me to go the cashier gave me a vacant look from under her blue-shadowed eyelids and suggested I try the other Longmeadow Exit.

Got back on the Highway and tried again. Stayed on the main drag (no signs to say whether or not it is called Main Street) in Longmeadow until I was almost back in CT. Pulled into a gas station, knowing I had to be close but without any clue as to how to get there. Called TB and whined, then went into the gas station where it took two attendants 10 minutes and a large map to figure out where I wanted to go and how to get there. Got detailed directions and set out again. After about 5 minutes realized I likely passed the street I was supposed to turn on and went to another gas station to confirm. The attendant there said yes I passed it, no there wasn't a street sign for that street but that it was between the Congregational Church and the Town Hall. Found it and made the turn. Crossed my fingers that I really was staying on the same street but was again unsure because there wasn't a street sign to be found anywhere.

Made it to the East Longmeadow Rotary, which is more like a massive confusing intersection. Looked for street signs and again couldn't find any. Stopped at another gas station and he told me what street I needed. Then tried to get back into the car and couldn't unlock the door. Wanted to cry because at this point I'd already been on the road for about 3 and a half hours, until the gas stations attendant gently told me I was trying to get into his car and that mine was parked right next to it.

It was about 8:45 at this point and I was clearly starting to lose it.

Got to another large, unmarked intersection. Pulled over at my fourth gas station and asked the attendant how to get to the next street I needed. She assured me all I had to do was turn left at the driveway, follow the road to its end, make a right and I would get to the address I gave her for Tess's parents. So I started out again when I got a call from Jen asking me where I was and should they send a search party? I explained what road I was on and that I should be there soon. She put Tess's mom on the phone and she agreed and told me to call back once I turned onto Main Street. About the time I got onto Main Street Jen called back and asked where I was so I gave her a house by house update. She asked me to flash my lights, that she saw someone going slow with another car tailgating. I said that was probably me, flashed my lights and she said yes it was. She then said that she and Troy were in front of the house jumping around could I see them? I said no so Troy went into the middle of the street and jumped around where I could finally see him. Pulled into the driveway and was met by Jen and Tess and Troy who all gave me hugs and said they were just glad I was there. Apparently Tess's family is notorious for giving bad directions and people had been getting lost all night so they were surprised I was there at all.

Had some dinner and wine, Tess and Troy thanked everyone from coming, gave us gifts (I got pretty earrings) and fed us incredibly yummy Italian Rum Cake. Soon after everyone left, and the rest of us went to bed. I snuggled into the very soft bed in the guest room and fell straight asleep.


Wedding Day:

bouquets(left) some of the bouquets

Got up at around 8:30; Tess was up early with allergies, her parents up I think as well. But either way I met up with her down in the kitchen drinking orange juice and having some breakfast. We discussed the day's plans as we ate. Her mom made us tea and toast, they talked about how we were going to get the flowers from the house to the Inn and what time everyone's hair appointments were at. Then Tess and I got showered and dressed and drove over to Amherst to begin the getting ready.

We pulled into a spot on the green and Tess ran to make the appointment while I dropped off the flowers at the Inn. Met up with Tess at the hairdresser's - they were already beginning the what-to-do discussions. Sat down in the next chair and a few minutes later Jen came in and joined up.

tess and lyn looking at makeup(Right) Tess and Lyn deciding on makeup

About 11:30 the hairdresser started doing my hair. She asked what I wanted and I said something simple with a few curls. What I got was a hairdo that would have done a prom-queen or showgirl proud. Up high with cascading curls. Way more formal than I'd wanted but way pretty. What's a girl to do?

Ash came by at about noon, brought sandwiches and drinks and we hung out until they finished Lyn's hair. Then the gang of us trooped to the Inn, hair done up and Tess with her veil on. Was a bridal parade down the main street of Amherst...

tess smiling, pre-application(left) Tess smiling, pre-makeup-application. Not that she wasn't smiling after it.

Jen had made sure ahead of time that Troy had cleared out of the room, so it was free for us to get ready in. Tess and Lyn set out to do Tess's makeup, Lee started steaming Tess's dress to get rid of major wrinkles. I steamed mine to make it look less like it had been bunched up at the bottom of my bag for the last couple of days. Also burnt my arm doing it - ouch. But the most shocking part of the day? Jen wearing heels.

The rest of getting ready is a blur. Makeup, putting on jewelry, checking out what was going on with Tess, seeing who new just came in (Tess's mom, her future mother-in-law, a childhood friend, Leigh, etc). Then right before the photographer came in, came getting the dress and putting it on.

Jen proving she is actually wearing heels, while Tess looks down in disbelief Lee steaming the dress without damaging herself or it
(above left) Jen proving she is actually wearing heels, while Tess looks down in disbelief. (Above right) Lee steaming the dress without damaging herself or it.

Ash with the dress An actual zipping-up shot, instead of a photographer posed one
(Above left) Ash with the dress. (Above right) An actual zipping-up shot, instead of a photographer posed one.

Once she was zipped up I left the bridal crew (as a reader I didn't have any of the photo, etc duties). In the Inn's lobby I ran into Leigh and Porter, E and her husband. Caught up some and debated about when to go over to the church. Finally walked over, on the way across the street ran intoHK. The two of us stood in the back of the sanctuary and caught up, trying to figure out when to sit down, where to sit down, etc. We saw Tess's dad in a room off to the side and went over to say hi, he said he was waiting for Tess et al and had expected them five minutes or so before could HK and I go find them. We went out of the church and crossed the street, saw and waved them over. The girls went off to the side to line up. Since I hadn't been at the rehearsal I asked Tess's mom where I should sit. She told me and a hied myself over there.

(Right) Tiff, all zipped up and looking gorgeous in her dress.

Music and walking down the aisle. It was incredible, and I thought I wouldn't cry until when Tess and her dad came down and I looked at Tess's mom and then I got all teary as well. Tess just looked so beautiful and Troy so happy and the church so perfect, and... sigh.

The programs had the entire church service and readings printed. A good thing since I hadn't had a chance to check out the bible up there and make sure I knew where to turn to for my reading. I completely lucked out with what Tess and Troy selected -- had asked not to have something about how wives should obey their husbands, but didn't expect to get to read something so flowing and strong.

(From Song of Solomon 2: 10-13 and 8: 5-7) "My lover spoke and said to me, 'Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come with me. See! The winter is passed; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; The season of singing has come, The cooing of doves is heard in our land. The fig tree forms its early fruit; the blossoming vines spread their fragrance. Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, Come with me.' // Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; For love is as strong as death, Its ardor unyielding as the grave, It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned."

The two of them got pronounced husband and wife, exchanged a healthy but not gratuitously so kiss. March out, receiving line, finding the reception, grabbing cocktail hour drinks. Sat with the DC people plus HK and with E on one side and HK on the other managed to have a great time and catch up with two good friends I see too rarely.

The food was fine, the cake really delicious, the music great though a little too loud, and the dancing fun. Left at about 10 to drive home to CT. Made it back without incident. Bug and Keith were up watching some Robin Williams comedy special on HBO so I joined them for a bit while I took the bobby pins out of my hair, then went to bed.



Father's Day. Sleeping in. Flying home. Was enough for me.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Unpacking. Because I'm not going anywhere for a few weeks at least. Woo hoo!

Doing (crafty stuff): Am almost done updating the projects page, talked for a bit with Keith about business plans for marketing the magnets.

Wanting: One particular phone call. But not expecting it.

Anticipating: Hanging out with Beley, Bibi, and Talullah this week. Seeing TB when he gets back from his vacation away.

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