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iced tea

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July 06, 2003
10:04 pm

Bactine up my nose, prescription eyedrops in my eyes, Clariton in my system, and am anticipating new and exciting antibiotics tomorrow. Wow. So far 29 has been marked by lots of fun and some physical breakdowns.


Had a fabulous fourth.

The night before went to the Jimmy Buffett concert at Merriweather with D and Fergus and TB. Left work early to make the drive and do some pre-concert tailgating. Have never been to a Buffett concert before but it is a complete delightful madhouse -- Hawaiian shirts, leis, inflatable sharks and grass skirts are the most routine part. But the pre-concert portion was a blast -- discreet drinking and much fun. Went into the concert just as the show was starting and found a place to stand with a good view. About halfway into the first song D said we needed to go get a drink so she and I left to find a margarita and a bathroom. We moseyed back and took a look at the lawn seats, realizing that there was no way in hell that we'd ever be able to find the boys again. So we stayed to the side, drank, talked and (oh, yeah) listened to the music. At intermission we tried to find everyone again but with no luck. Phone calls (D had Fergus' phone, TB had mine) were choruses of "What did you say?" and "I can't hear you" -- somehow we agreed to meet back at the cars. Though it would have been nice to see the boys and we missed a lot of the concert by talking I had a great time catching up with D. And of course since she felt bad about being out of town for my actual birthday she would shout periodically to everyone around that it was my birthday. I started explaining that no the 3rd wasn't my actual birthday then just gave up by around the fourth drink hit. We met up with Fergus and TB by the cars, made it home without incident.

Morning of the fourth got up leisurely, opening cards and presents and getting birthday calls. TB left to go spend the day with his family, I tried to meet up with Demmert and Darren then gave up and just made sure that SS the SS and I had our act together. We met up at like 1 pm, went grocery shopping to pick up water, fruit, snacks, and summery goods for the day. Got yummy sandwiches at pick-a-deli, made it back to my place to grab a sheet to stake out Mall territory. We'd heard tales of crazy security checks so we didn't even try to sneak in any booze.

the view in front of us, 5:30 pm
(above) the view in front of us, 5:30 pm

the monument, from our blanket
(right) the monument, from our blanket

SS the SS and I snagged a great place, at the base of the Washington Monument with a perfect view of the Lincoln. We got there at 3 somewhere around the peak heat of the day. And there we sat. On the blanket. In the crazy hot sun. I drank about 3 liters of gatorade and water. SS the SS and I planned out a multiweek trip with a group of friends from California and DC. We fielded calls from people who said they were going to meet up with us eventually. We sweated. And sweated some more. Hug came by at maybe 5, bringing the newspaper and some distraction. She stayed around, hanging out then going to wander and talk on the phone. A little later a bunch of SS the SS's friends came along, bringing some water and extra blankets so we about doubled our space. There was more talking, someone started throwing Necco wafers, and we even played a slooooow game of frisbee in our very small space. We all sweated some more. I think around 7 it started to cool down.

me and Hug, trying to stay cool
(above) me and Hug, trying to stay cool

See? Even the pinwheel is too hot to carry on.
(above) See? Even the pinwheel is too hot to carry on.

Good company really does make the time fly. It started to get dark and we got a call from Demmert and crew that they were on their way. Then we didn't hear anything more but figured they had to be nearby. SS the SS and I stood up to see if we could see them and somehow in the crowd of hundreds of thousands of people she saw them. They'd brought another blanket which we managed to squeeze in.

Soon after the fireworks started. Man, we really did have an incredible view - they were so close it looked like we could touch them. And the 'works did touch us. At first I thought it was bugs then we all realized we were getting pelted with small pieces of ash from the fireworks. Five years on the Mall for the fourth and that's the first time that ever happened to me.

But the show was incredible as usual. We all gathered up our group and our stuff, Hug and SS the SS's friends split and the rest of us walked over to Old Ebbitt for a drink. The place was mobbed but somehow Demmert convinced their waiter from earlier in the day to give us a table immediately. So the gang of us hung out and had a drink and some food. About an hour later, exhausted, I caught a cab home.

So there go-eth another Fourth. And although the Mall is beastly hot and crowded there really is no place better to spend the day. Already started planning the provision for next year....

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Moping around the house and coughing.

Doing (crafty stuff): Finished my snake emboidery.

Wanting: To figure out what I want to do with getting new furniture.

Anticipating: Hanging with D and Beley during the week.

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