iced tea


iced tea

Listening: C'mon C'mon by Sheryl Crow, on repeat.

Reading (perhaps quality): Loving From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas Friedman

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing.

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August 10, 2003
10:35 pm

Should be sleeping but am writing. This weekend in particular, what else is new?


Busy weekend, this weekend, with good friends thoughtfully keeping me busy.

Friday - talked to D towards the end of her dinner party with her girls from work and she invited me to come over. A quick cab ride (where the driver listened to me expound on my woes to my mother and stepfather then volunteered his opinion on my love life) and I was over there, exchanging salty stories with her girls and drinking cranberry and vodkas that were stronger than I wanted but probably what I needed. A couple of those then D and Fergus drove me home and I alternated thinking and sleeping all night.

Saturday - miraculously woke up hangover free. Did laundry, moped, and cleaned for the early part of the day, around 2 Foster called up and we made our trip to Target. Have been wanting to get a deep fat fryer for a while - actually have been wanting someone else to buy one but since no one else is stepping up I decided to give in a buy it. We even went to the huge Target on Route 50 and they didn't have the one I wanted. Damn. But they did have plenty of cool clothes including GREEN corduroy peacoat I had to have. It is green. Way green. But cooler because of it. Then came home and got a pep talk from Beley. Foster and Fabian came by and we headed to the Live on Penn concert to go see Everclear. Joined up with Foster's friend Norika and Norika's friend and the gang of us talked, drank beer and commented on the sartorial stylings of our fellow concert goers. The concert was good, but I never realized how much Everclear's songs sound alike until I listened to them for an hour straight. Next we walked to RFD, drank more beer and caught up. We made it back to the car in time to avoid the thunderstorm, but it kept me up a lot of the night.

Today - up early for the long-ago-planned spa day. Foster picked me up at 9:45, we drove over to D's where we met up with Demmert. Then we headed to Bethesda to meet up with MJ for breakfast. The line at Bethesda Bagel Bakery was crazy but a good time to catch up. Then we headed to Jolie for our massage and other spa appointments. Had a 90 minute Swedish massage with Stanley - Stanley of the very strong hands and 1970's Lionel Ritchie afro. He asked if I wanted a deep tissue massage for my back but I wimped out - even the standard one didn't always feel relaxing. Then after the massage hung out with D - the long conversation helped me put a bunch of things in perspective and relaxed me almost as much as the massage did. Once we all met up and headed out I stayed behind to meet up with Tess for our IKEA trip. We got stuck on traffic on the Beltway but managed a steady stream of conversation through the unsteady traffic. Got to IKEA and it was a madhouse but she patiently went room by room with me, offering new suggestions even when I inexplicably said no to the 800 before. We found an awesome dining room table and chairs and even managed to get them up to my apartment (fear that we couldn't get anything bigger up the stairs kept me from buying more). We then went to dinner, and I got home a while ago. It's been phone conversations and solitaire since. Oh, and writing. And now, bed.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Semi-fresh from trips to a spa and IKEA

Doing (crafty stuff): Feeling like it's time to start a new project.

Wanting: to decide how much putting away of new things is really worth it. Oh, and my kitchen sink to drain better.

Anticipating: Fun with the girls this coming weekend and SOTG manana.

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