iced tea


iced tea

Listening: Soak up the Sun by Sheryl Crow. Good reminder to lighten up.

Reading (perhaps quality): Trekking through From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas Friedman

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing.

Drinking: Some water.

August 11, 2003
9:48 pm

Skipped Screen on the Green tonight due to rain threats of rain - predictions of rapid storms that drop 2-3 inches in a short period of time don't exactly make me want to sit outside. That and I'm still being a baby about the humidity.

So Foster, Fabian and I met up for half-priced burgers at Whitlows and then went shopping at the Targetto (etc) over on Route 1. After cracking up while chowing on cheap red meat the shopping trip was fun... got the deep fat fryer I'd tried to get yesterday and we went to PetSmart to play with the cats. The kittens were so sweet and I started thinking more seriously about getting a cat. The responsibility just freaks me out, a living thing depending on me for survival and all.

Otherwise? Busy day at work - some user tests and writing up the results from the last two groups of them. And the rest of the week looks like more of the same. Add that to the list of reasons that I'm looking forward to this coming weekend.


Oh. And in the category of horoscopes that seem wildly-untrue-now-but-may-prove-to-be-so later:

Romantically, this will not be a big month — that will come later in the year. You do have one intriguing weekend August 9 and August 10 when Pluto sends a cheery greeting to the Sun. Pluto rules your house of true love, so this is indeed promising.

I can see how it would be the case later but right now the absurdity of this paragraph just cracks me the hell up.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Work. Dinner and Shopping with Foster and Fabian.

Doing (crafty stuff): Need to project. Would like to do something crafty with my clothes again.

Wanting: Some sleep.

Anticipating: Getting lot done at work manana.

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