iced tea


iced tea

Listening: Lust for Life by Iggy Pop. That's not hypnotizing chickens.

Reading (perhaps quality): Finished From Beirut to Jerusalem and am trying to decide what to dive into next.

Reading (definitely pulp): Tried to read books at the beach but had more fun talking to the people there.

Drinking: Water.

August 17, 2003
9:21 pm

"Whatever happens at the beach stays at the beach."

That's the word. I've said it, heard it, and prayed that other people followed it. There's something about being away from home, drinking all day (started at the terribly late hour of 5 pm last night!), being out in gorgeous sunlight, staying in a room with many more people than there are beds. The amount of license in the air is crazy, and that's just at a beach in Delaware. Delaware! I shudder to think what must happen on people's Caribbean vacations.

But I did learn a lot this weekend, both from my own experiences and other people's stories. Like how an apartment may look normal from the outside but unexpectedly contain a pole, fog machine, colored lights an a bunch of drunk guys looking for dancers. That while trying to fit two people into a twin bed may have been workable in college it's really not ideal now. That sometimes it can take the memory banks of four women to reconstruct all of the events of an evening. And that my friends are very cool - light on advice, unfliching with truth, and encouraging of fun.


My weekend was pretty tame by Dewey standards - no arrests, no incriminating photographs (I hope). But had a blast.

Friday - Jennie picked me up at home at around 9 and we had a relatively-traffic-free drive, singing along with Paul Simon (her CD player was busted so all there were were old tapes). Met up with Mel and Carol and a bunch of Carol's family and got some sun glorious sun for a few hours. Managed to avoid a sunburn, amazingly. We all checked into the hotel, got ready to go out but planned to come back and change into going-out-clothes after grabbing a few drinks at Taco Toss. Yeah. There was no going home - after we snagged tacos and much beer we went straight out for the rest of the evening. Made it out to the beach at some point - with the moon down low and the humidity in the air it realy was beautiful out.

Saturday - paid for the debauchery of the night before with a severe case of exhaustion. Laid out in the sun for about 45 minutes before rain drove us inside. I napped while the other girls headed out, then joined up with them at around 5. Did some dancing at a couple of bars, went to a party, had a great time and even some intriguing (as beley would say) conversations.

Sunday - breakfast at Starboard, bloody marys and beers and catching up. Left at around 3 maybe - again a pretty traffic-less drive. Came home and slept, caught up with some folks on the phone.

Am just so glad I went. Knew I was going to have a fun time but didn't imagine just how much. Alas, now back to everyday life...

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Got back from the beach today. Sooooo much fun - the weekend away was exactly what I needed.

Doing (crafty stuff): Did this ribbon shoulder-tie thing with a tank top. Turned out okay. Need to work out the specifics.

Wanting: My stomach to be a little more settled.

Anticipating: A haircut on Wednesday, lots of fun with friends this week.

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