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August 19, 2003
12:21 pm

So I've got some sort of sore throat. It completely sucks. Or it would, if I could swallow without pain. Called the advice nurse this morning with the big three questions - how can I feel better now, how can I avoid getting anyone else sick, and when can I expect to feel better. Her answers were realistic but not as optimistic as I hoped. Was really hoping she would say something about how I definitely snagged some 5 minute variety of sore throat, or that she would offer some silver bullet cure. Instead I got salt water gargling and plenty of fluids. Definitely hot. The good news is she said I could avoid passing it around if I didn't share food or drink and avoided kissing anyone for a day or so. Barring anything truly unforseen, at least the last one will be easy to avoid here at work.

Enough about me (for a minute) - the big news is that Foster and Fabian got engaged on Sunday! She called Sunday night right after she accepted and gave a brief version of the story - last night the crew of us (SS the SS, D, Fergus, Demmert, Darren, Leigh, Porter, Andrea, a few others, and Foster and Fabian of course) all met up at Iota to celebrate, check out the ring, and hear the extended engagement story. The two of them are just so glowy it's just wonderful to be around them. I made her a certificate stating she's now an alum of the "Single Ladies Society" (since, not being a member, I can't welcome her to the "Engaged Ladies Club" - a fictional organization that's been long-time joke between the two of us) with sparkly rings attached. She got cards and bridal magazines and flowers and though I felt bad for a minute for Fabian who was gift free he seemed to be content to bask in the candlelight, wine, and everyone's warm wishes. Foster briefly talked bridesmaids dresses and said she had no plans to make anyone wear anything silly. I told her that I was deeply disappointed that there would be no lace gloves, crinolines, parasols, or butt-bows. She said never fear, that she was planning on have me carry my plastic chicken, Free Range, around during the day. Then Fabian said he fully expected me to do an interpretive dance. So I guess even if we're looking good, acting goofy is still on the agenda.


So with my break-up a couple of weeks ago, SS the SS and I are having a long-overdue Bridget Jones Night tonight. Plan is simple - crashing at her place so we can stay up and watch Bridget Jones' Diary while eating mini-quiches, chocolate desserts, and drinking at least three kinds of alcohol. It's sort of a combination detox and wallow and the perfect balm for a bruised heart and/or ego. I'd say bless her for being willing to do one of these again with me, but I think she's looking forward to the food rather than the relationship analysis portion of the evening. Hey, I'm looking more forward to the food too. Last time we did one of these was back in grad school when I ended it with the ex-exbf, with this exbf things weren't as long and the whole relationship was just less drama-filled. But I'm glad to participate in the Bridget Jones ritual - puts a nice dose of closure to the whole thing.


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Doing (life and related tasks): Bridget Jones Night with SS the SS tonight, engagement party for Foster and Fabian last night

Doing (crafty stuff): Nothing right now.

Wanting: A phone call or two.

Anticipating: Much much fun this week/ weekend.

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