iced tea


iced tea

Listening: "Bionic Eyes" by Liz Phair

Reading (perhaps quality): Nada. Suggestions?

Reading (definitely pulp): A really horrid mystery that I picked up at the beach. I mean I like gothic trash and all but I stared out the metro window rather than read it.

Drinking: Nothing.

August 21, 2003
10:23 pm

My sore thoat is taunting me. It goes away. Then comes back. Then goes away again. And right when I'm about to stick the lozenges back into the medicine cabinet it returns, roaring. I'd say it sucks but I already used that joke.

Am sad anyways - looks like I'll have to give up my swank seat at work. Since I arrived there a year-and-a-few-months ago I've been luxuriating in a section leader's cubicle. It's tres sweet - in a corner and with high walls so I have a decent amount of privacy (or as much as one could get in a large open room). But it looks like someone else will be moving into my space and I'm being relegated to a cubicle. I know I can't complain since I've had a great space for a while, and of course when my boss asked if I minded moving there was only one answer I was going to give her. But I'd be ridiculous if I didn't say I'm going to miss my old desk. Sigh.

Otherwise? Got a haircut that's a little shorter than I expected and layered all crazysexy. I can't put my hair up in a bun anymore without wispy tendrils all over the place, that's how sexy this hair is. Am going out with the girls tomorrow night for some dancing and so in guess it'll come in handy. That should be fun - its a big crew of us who don't usually get together... am sure everyone'll behave and a god time'll be had. I just hope I can get my throat taken care of, otherwise it'll be a croaky evening for me...

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Should be cleaning but watched one of my Netflix movies instead.

Doing (crafty stuff): Or maybe should be doing something crafty instead?

Wanting: This damn sore throat to really go away.

Anticipating: All manners of craziness this weekend.

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