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January 11, 2004
12:54 pm

Okay - slightly embarrassing but too funny not to share....

So I have a profile up on an online dating site (don't laugh - have met some really great, interesting guys I wouldn't have met otherwise from it). Took it down a couple of months ago while I was dating someone but stuck it back up today what-the-hell-why-not and all that. Got home tonight and saw that someone had sent me a "wink" (something where they don't actually pony up any cash to say hi but want you to pay to talk to them). This guy's screen name seemed to indicate that he liked to spank women but I thought maybe it was a mistake.

It wasn't. I just about died as I went through his profile. My favorite parts?

  • In my bedroom, you'll find: A belt, a hairbrush, a straight-backed chair

  • More about what I am looking for: A sweet, funny, smart, cute, curvy, and sexy girl who's overdue for a good spanking.

This, apparently, is what my dating life has become. Fending off vague inquiries from men who want to tan my backside. What's that bit from Candide - "I laugh to keep from crying".... ?

(and if by some stretch he's actually reading this really I'm not laughing at whatever kink you're into, more that I wasn't expecting it. At all. Carry on with your bad self, sir.)

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Doing (life and related tasks): Just got back from a night out at Helix for Leah's birthday.

Doing (crafty stuff): Finishing up a purse for kswea.

Wanting: Nothing much.

Anticipating: The party manana.

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