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January 05, 2004
8:48 pm

Wow. What else can I say about my New Years in Vegas? I knew that that town stayed up all night, that people took being there as a carte blanche to do all kinds of crazy things. I was a little afraid going there. I just didn't think I would have as much fun as I did.

Of course a lot of it I can't tell - "whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" and all that. But really a huge part of it wasn't salacious -- really the best part of it was hanging out with the girls.

Everyone was great, but my roommates were amazing. Shared a double room with Carol, Rachel, and Coreen and we got along well. Almost creepily well. We all trooped home individually whenever but no one seemed to get woken up, and we managed to get up at the same time each morning without an issue. Coreen and I got to split a bed and she was the bestest bed partner imaginable - no bed or cover hogging.

But when we did get out of the room the other girls were great - Mel and Carrie and Jennie and Jen were in the room next door and always available for fashion or other advice. There were four others over at the Westin (the 8 of us stayed at Treasure Island) - didn't get to see as much of them as I would have liked but the bigger events (New Years) brought us all together.

Really it was awesome. Hardly any sleep, a lot of staying out late and partying. The trip was exactly what I needed, and best of all was a good bonding experience with a group of awesome women. We've already started talking about our next madcap trip.

So will share one story - because almost everyone I know has heard it already, because it doesn't embarrass anyone else except for one guy who apparently couldn't be more embarrassed if he tried.

I earned three nicknames in Vegas, I won't share the other two but this is the reason why they were all calling me "The Foul Temptress":

New Years Eve was a long long night so the next day I wanted to take it a little slower. Caught a nap that afternoon, then the crew of us met up at the Piano Bar at New York New York. Stayed there for a while, I nursed a beer or two. Some of the girls didn't want to pay the cover so they went ahead to our next stop, Red Square over at Mandalay Bay. By the time the rest of us got there the advance scouts had already met a bachelor party that just got into town - a bunch of nice cool cute software engineers from Texas.

I wasn't in the mood for any drama or intrigue so I started talking with the one married guy. I mean I noticed he kept his left hand in his pocket but I'd seen the ring, he'd see me see his ring, and the conversation was innocuous (work, family, etc). Hung out for a while then the boys wanted to play the tables so we all left the bar. Decided not to bet so was watching the action when the married guy asked me if I felt like going back to the bar and hanging out there. Figured that was safe so I told the girls where I'd be, they said they'd be there soon, and off we went.

Soon after we got to the bar I started to notice something was up. We were sitting next to each other and I noticed he was sitting closer than necessary (by this point the bar was pretty empty) so I scootched over to give him some space. A couple minutes later I realized he was close again so I tried to speak more clearly thinking maybe he couldn't hear me and that's why he kept moving over.

Nope. It was just starting to dawn on me that he was sitting close on purpose when he leaned over and asked if he could kiss me. I was floored, leaned back far enough that I almost fell off my stool and said no. He kind of stammered, I got up and said that we should probably go join the rest of the group (by this point everyone else had come back to the bar).

Without looking back to see if he followed me I saw some spaces at a table with the groom and best man and went to join them. The two of them asked what happened and I said for them not to tease him that clearly he'd had a lot to drink then told them what happened, apparently exclaiming "I'm not a homewrecker". The guys said that they were shocked, that he was actually happily married but that he was pretty loaded and I did look an awful lot like his wife. The married guy didn't stay at the bar too much longer - he tried to explain himself to some of my friends for a bit, and then left.

The rest of the night (didn't get back to the room until about 5) my friends and the guys were making jokes about how I was luring married men from their wives - hence the nickname The Foul Temptress. And apparently the married guy was so mortified the next morning about what he'd tried that he was the designated driver for the rest of the trip.

Good to be back though, even though its wretched to be sick. Thank goodness for Foster who brought me over all kinds of lovely sick supplies (orange juice, ginger ale, saltines, Nyquil, and magazines). Am just hoping to feel better, to feel normal soon. But if this flu is the price to pay for the good time I had away... well, would definitely do it again.

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Doing (crafty stuff): Too out of it for any work that requires any fine motor movement.

Wanting: Do you have to ask? To get better, of course.

Anticipating: Fun at my and SS the SS's Three Kings Day Party this weekend.

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