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iced tea

Listening: Vacation by the Go-Go's. Am singing along with it right now. Loud. Hope my neighbors don't mind.

Reading (perhaps quality): Still with the Chomsky (Understanding Power: The Indispensable Chomsky) - about halfway through.

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December 09, 2004
10:09 pm

It is definitely the holiday season around here.

see caption, below
(above) the angel from atop my Christmas tree

Decided to start decorating around the place. My round of Christmas parties start this weekend, the stores have been tricked out since before Thanksgiving and I only have a small tree that doesn't take too long to deck out.

see caption, below
(Above) tree, with air conditioner background

Don't get me wrong, I love my ornaments (all the family ones I inherited from Mom years back). But this was the first year I realized how 70's and hoopdy a lot of them are. Am not just talking about the ones I made (see the styrofoam ball on the bottom left of the tree? I was going to call it a Calder-esque early work of mine but realized that was taking hyperbole to new heights).

Christmas decorating is a chance for me to appreciate my mother's creative abilities. Growing up we didn't have a ton of money but she was able to make some really beautiful and enduring things. I mean check out my stocking. With a name like mine, can't tell you how cool it is to have something personalized.

see caption, below
(above) my stocking, waiting for Santa to fill it.

It's also (as I said earlier) a time to marvel at my early handiwork.

see caption, below
(Above) Santa. By me when I was about 5.

I mean what was my thought process with that Santa? The eyes get more and more absorbing as you keep looking at them - still am not sure what his deal is. The smirk makes me laugh (only hope that it was intentional) And the goatee? Didn't know Santa had only a soul patch but either some of the yarn fell off in the last 25 years or that's how he's doing it nowadays.

So the place looks festive. Have lights up all around the joint and am just enjoying the glow of them and the glow of being around things that remind me of home, of good times, and of my family.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Busy with work, had a great time out to dinner with Jen yesterday, and I know there must've been someone else I hung out with this week...

Doing (crafty stuff): Getting Christmas presents ready to send out.

Wanting: That James Brown Christmas CD I heard the other day. Not enough to buy it but enought to wish I could hear a song or two now.

Anticipating: Some good times, good fun, and a little craziness.

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