iced tea


iced tea

Listening: Right now? Ladykillers by Lush, Bionic Eyes by Liz Phair, American Girl by Tom Petty, Last Innocent Year and Landmine by Jonatha Brooke. And don't forget the sound of my toilet running - haven't been able to get it to stop.

Reading (perhaps quality): Still trekking through Doctor Zhivago. Damn you, Boris!

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing.

Drinking: Diet Coke with Lime.

January 02, 2005
4:25 pm

caption - see rightFirst of all, how the hell is it already 2005? Even with one day of it under my belt, his still puzzles me.

Am also perplexed (but overjoyed) with the current spate of amazing weather. New Years Day was walking around and (even wearing heels) it was impossible not to skip, the weather was that gorgeous. I mean sunshine, 60 degrees, a soft breeze and January - not even the Bay Area can beat that.

(left) A view through the top of the statue outside the Air and Space Museum. Nope I didn't take it in the last few days but the blue skies reminded me how lovely its been lately.



summertime and the living is easy

The New Years Festivities were great.

Thursday night caught Sideways with Stan and met up with the rest of the boys for drinks at the Brickskellar. Since I wasn't sure if I was going to make it to their party the next night it was good to catch up a little.

Friday morning Danie picked me up, we went to the gym, had some lunch, did some shopping and got pedicures. After being so girly went home, got things (including me) ready, then Marie picked me up at 7. Finally gave her her birthday and Christmas presents, we caught up and drank some champagne with her roommate. Three-String picked us up after 8, we went to the Ballroom, had a delicious dinner with the band then went upstairs where we saw Foster and Fabian and Becky and Kerry who'd all already arrived. We all danced and danced (the music was great), I earned the admiration and drunken stares of many with a flashing ring I picked up at Pulp last week (must remember to go and tell them), Danie and Fergus arrived sometime close to 11. Then about 12:30 Miranda picked me up and we went to the boys' party up in Maryland. By the time we got there at 1:30 or so things were still going strong though several folks looked worse for wear. Ended up getting to sleep sometime around 5, crashing out there.

Saturday woke up, located my phone (left in Miranda's car), called Foster and Fabian to let them know I'd be late for lunch. Metroed home, met up with the happy couple and their very cute cats. Spent the rest of the day lazing then headed back over to Miranda's where we watched Pride and Prejudice. Started at about 8 and made it through the whole 2 DVDs of it in one sitting, with my heading home at about 1:45. Talk about a great way to start the year - a good friend, veggie pizza, plenty of diet coke, and Colin Firth in a wet white shirt.

So all in all its been a fine start to the year. Now back to work (and off this crazy late night sleep schedule I've been on)!

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Cleaning the apartment. Hanging out with the cat. Reading. Catching up on e-mails.

Doing (crafty stuff): Have a ton of yarn in my stash that I need to figure out how to use.

Wanting: That damn toilet to stop running. Not in the stopped-up or the no-water sense, just in the silent-until-it-is-needed kind of way.

Anticipating: The Three Kings Day Party next weekend. Doing some baking with Marie to prepare and it'll just be great to see so many of my favorite people all at once!

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