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December 31, 2006
3:17 am

Yeah. So that was an unintentional almost-yeah hiatus.

There are a lot of reasonable reasons for it, including but not limited to: not having internet connectivity for a little while after the move, my computer dying, having to get a new computer and set things up, being busy, etc. But really? It was about wanting a break, needing some time to figure out what was going on in my life, in taking some time to live my life.

And really? It was great.

summertime and the living is easy

Right now Anna is engaged in a pitched battle with a bunch of white tissue paper. I can hear the thrashing and see it moving as she does I don't even know what underneath it. There's paper crunching and a cat meowing and fierce pouncing and silence broken by mad activity.

summertime and the living is easy

To catch up - some highlights for 2006:

New Job (January) -- Started my detail in early January and its been an amazing experience. I have learned so much, been able to do interesting work, and gotten to work with and for great people. Definitely stellar.

New Digs (January) -- Talk about stellar - moved into my new place at the end of January. I lost about 300 square feet but gained a much better location, a balcony, laundry in the building, and one of my closest friends in the apartment right above me. I love living here.

New Mexico (April) -- My grandmother passed away almost 4 years ago and my grandfather was having a mass said for her on that anniversary. I volunteered to go and be with him, and decided to spend a little over a week. I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to stay there - through High School I used to visit my grandparents on my own, but this was the first time since my grandmother died that I'd been in the house for so long and without my mom and sisters there too. The whole place still feels so much like my grandmother, and add in the mountain of chores and cleaning and cooking to set out for me by my grandfather and, well, the trip wasn't very relaxing. But I'm so grateful that I got the chance to spend a good amount of time alone with my grandfather, that I got to help him, that I got some time to continue to mourn.

New Patio Furniture (April) -- And a guy to put it together! Had a really good four-months-or-so with Brian, during which he gave me some great music and truly good memories. Learned a ton and wish him well.

Chicago (May) -- Carol and I made a Memorial Day trip to the Windy City. She scored us an incredible deal at the W Hotel over by the Navy Pier, which had the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in (sorry, DaveB, but its true). It was a truly indulgent weekend between going to the spa (they had this shower that filled the room with cedar scented steam - I never wanted to leave), going shopping (there was a lingerie shop Carol had seen on our last trip that we had to go to), drinking perfect sidecars at the Redhead Piano Bar, and staying in one night eating room service and watching Major League. All wonderfully delicious.

32 (July) -- As usual, it was a multiple day extravaganza. Night before, I and like 25 of my friends went out in Annapolis, then the day of we barbecued in the windy rainy weather, drank cocktails, watched the fireworks from our roofdeck when the skies miraculously cleared, came back and drank bizarre liqueurs (zwack!), and generally had a great great time.

Annapolis Wedding/The Dirty Flock (August) -- Billy and Anya managed to throw a beautiful beautiful wedding with a mere 28 days to plan. The Rev officiated, and the Dirty Flock was formed. Those of us called to join are thankful, indeed.

Welcome to Rio (September/October) -- In late September/ early October I spent a week in Rio for work. It was amazing to see the offices there, get a real and thorough sense of how work is done and under what kind of conditions they operate. The city of course is amazing as well, lovely and strange and familiar all at once. I was mistaken for a carioca everywhere, cementing my feeling that I'm less exotic in foreign locales than I am at home.

New New (November) -- Not sure how much to say about it but since mid-November or so its been strange and crazy and surprising and good and better-than-good. Knock on wood.

summertime and the living is easy

Have to get going. Am so very grateful for a 2006 that was amazing in every area of my life - here's hoping for a 2007 that continues to exceed even my grandest hopes. I mean, if that's not too greedy or anything. Or even if it is!

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Spending the day quietly. Partly because I want to rest up before the long night out, partly because quiet gratitude and contemplation is the way I love to spend my 31st.

Doing (crafty stuff): Need to get on that.

Wanting: There's always tons of things, but really right now am enjoying a few moments of being grateful for all that I have.

Anticipating: A good night tonight, a great year to follow!

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