iced tea


iced tea

Listening: It Doesn't Get Better Than This by Eugene Edwards ("Between her eyes and the weather, it doesn't get better"); the intro to Santa Monica by Everclear keeps popping into my head as well

Reading (perhaps quality): Finished Brick Lane by Monica Ali, part of an effort to read all of the books on my bookshelves.

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing right now.

Drinking: Nada.

September 22, 2008
8:55 pm

Over the last couple of weeks I've said and heard things that were a little out of the ordinary.

* Exactly what kind of homewrecker do you think I am?
Where: at dinner with a group of girlfriends
Context: A friend said she had a guy she wanted me to meet. That he's great, cute, smart, funny, interesting. And married. With two small children. And did I mention, married?

* At least he's willing to give you weekend nights for dates...
Where: getting a ride home from a friend
Context: This friend was impressed that a guy I'm dating was willing schedule a date for the weekend. I mean I have a lot of friends and book up early so I know busy but why bother dating someone who can't find time?

* Do you have some kind of manifesto? Or a cabin in the Montana wilderness?
Where: over coffee, on a date
Context: That guy I'm dating discussed, in some detail, his strong distrust of law enforcement. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything more I should know.

* Well, he didn't pee on me...
Where: on the phone to my father
Context: Am now godmother to my wonderful friend Carol's potentially even more wonderful son Walter. And though I was holding him diaper-free for a bit I didn't get anything on me other than holy water.

* If I was high, I would have heard something much more interesting.
Where: On a date
Context: That guy I'm dating said something weird, I asked him if he said what I thought he did, he said no and asked if I was high. I didn't know whether to be more amused at the slight at my character or at my creativity...

* So how is that career as a bus driver going?
Where: out at a bar
Context: Was out with Watt and this guy came over to talk with us. In the course of chatting us up he complained about how it was crowded and I offered him the empty seat on Watt's other side. He said no, that he'd been sitting all day and was cool with standing there. Once I asked him about the bus driving he acknowledged he really hadn't been sitting and moved on to talk to another girl, which while not my specific intention was not an unwelcome result.

* That would be a beautiful story but alas, no.
Where: in commuter chaos, outside of the Court House Metro Station
Context: There were massive delays on the train - I started walking from Clarendon to Court House hoping that in that 10 minutes something would have moved. I asked a guy if the trains were moving yet and he said no. I said I was hoping he'd give me a different answer but thanks for the update. He said he was hoping I'd say I owned a limo company that could take both of us to our jobs. I said the above, he said to let him know if I acquired one, and I kept on walking to Rosslyn.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Catching up on sleep. Its completely a full time not-job-but-a-job.

Doing (crafty stuff): Feeling guilty about undone mending.

Wanting: Nada.

Anticipating: The National Book Festival is this weekend - should be another good year as an author escort.

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