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January 11, 2009

1:53 pm

Am doing the pre-party mild freakout. Had about 4 people say they'd be over early bur it 1:53 and its just me and the cat. Its no prob - things are all set up and goodness gracious how the hell did I get a blue smudge on my hand? Called my dad this morning (owed him about 5 or 6 calls) to catch up, otherwise thanks to SS the SS's help yesterday was pretty much all prepped this morning. Its that quiet that seems really quiet now, knowing that soon it will be noisy with people; that calm that seems way too calm because I know soon I'll be torn a ton of directions.

All in all though this is one of my favorite days of the year. There's always way too much food, rarely enough beer, I don't get to talk to half of the people, the cat takes about two days to relax again, new wine stains come up on the carpet.... but its a chance to get a lot of my favorite people in one room and with all of the distances and babies and crazy jobs and other circumstances that make it hard to get together

Just got a g-chat from Heather who asked if there would be jello shots today. My usual jello shot maker (Carol) is busy with a baby so I told Heather that if she was game she could take up the mantle for next year. She agreed, so at least that's one more worry off my mind...

7:39 pm

So the last guests left a bit ago - the place is all straightened up with furniture back in their right places, the dishwasher running and the sink and counter filled with the next round of things to wash. The trash is in the entry waiting to be taken out but come on - you weren't expecting me to leap on that. And I still have no idea how that blue smudge got on my hand.

The party was great - a slow start with steady stream and about 8 million babies okay only Walter, Max, Holly, Alex, and Kalina. Wow, those things are small but they do make an impact - Walter in particular was crawling speedily and stealthily around the joint to the point where everyone learned to shuffle to avoid stepping on him. From Martha and SS the SS and Krissy-Sam-Max arriving at 2 to Elizabeth and Auden and Martha leaving after 7 the place was busy with people. Must take photos next year. I never get to catch up with everyone but was good to see people even if briefly and I love seeing all these folks together and giving them a chance to catch up. Years and years ago when we were all just out of college we would all hang out as a horde all the time but with relationships and responsiblities its hard enough to find time for even a few of us to get together. So its extra special now - truly appreciate folks making time to make it over.

Okay, the dishwasher has stopped, so its time for the next round. Have a few days to rest before Hug comes for her almost-week visit so I'd better start that prep pronto...

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): See left.

Doing (crafty stuff): Cleaning and hosting are both artistic, right?

Wanting: Sleep, beautiful beautiful sleep.

Anticipating: Hug coming for her Inaugration visit this week!

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