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iced tea


Listening: Face It by The Reputation

Reading (perhaps quality): Still with What's My Name, Fool? Sports and Resistance in the United States by Dave Zirin.

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing right now.

Drinking: Diet Coke Plus (extra vitamins, woo hoo!)

January 10, 2009
4:59 pm

This morning was over at Teaism over by Gallery Place, having some breakfast and waiting to meet with SS the SS. Just sitting by the koi pond, doing my crossword, people watching, etc. I noticed the woman next to me watching a photo slideshow on her computer. There's nothing weird about that. But then I saw it was a slideshow of cat photos, with Billy Joel's Just the Way You Are as background music.

Now, I love my cat in the way I imagine only a single, mid-30's, childless woman can. I'm not unreasonable about it but the cat has more toys than she could play with in all nine lives, I pay sincere attention when she wakes me up at crazy hours, and I even posted a photo of her up on Facebook.

But, really. If I'm ever putting together a slideshow like that (much less lovingly rewatching it) I'd like someone to check my temperature. Or grip on reality.

SS the SS and I spent the day brunching (at the aforementioned Teaism), shopping for the party (Party Store for cups and plates, Trader Joes for party food, Giant for standard baking ingredients), and hanging out. Besides being my bestest friend (or maybe because of it?) she's been my go-to woman for this party. I'm in awe of her willingness to spend the day helping me gather things together even as she has a full plate of things to do. We'd talked about heading out to hear a band play tonight but instead think we'll be staying in doing some red velvet cake baking and hanging out. Hardly a rollicking time but really, can't imagine much better.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Up to #90 on that resolutions list; cleaning and other prep for tomorrow's Three Kings Day party.

Doing (crafty stuff): Again, nothing right now.

Wanting: Good times tomorrow.

Anticipating: Good times and great people at the party manana!

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