iced tea


iced tea


Listening: Say It by Voice of the Beehive. Was going through old CDs as part of #77 (Place all my CDs on my computer) - it so reminds me of Jean and that summer she started dating Kevin.

Reading (perhaps quality): What's My Name, Fool? Sports and Resistance in the United States by Dave Zirin. Saw it at Busboys and Poets when I was there with Heather and SS the SS on Friday and despite my total lack of knowledge of sports was intrigued.

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing right now.

Drinking: Water, what else?

January 4, 2009
10:13 pm

Am in the process of both finishing my 2009 Resolutions List and starting items on it. Its 109 items for 2009 so I have about 30 places left to fill. The list rarely gets more than 3/4 done and many of the items become obsolete by even midyear but I enjoy the process of sitting at the start of the year and making a list of some of the basic, ridiculous, mundane, and wildest-dreams type things I'd like to do see hear experience in the next year.

The more maintenance ones like #78 (Keep nails manicured), #56 (Clean the apartment on Sundays at home), #34 (Drink 1 liter water a day), #33 (Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day) am starting the year right with, and I managed to complete some of the one-offs like #30 (Sort out BankX account access), #38 (Reorganize my jewelry) and #45 (See a play at Woolly Mammoth) as well. Have plans to complete #46 (See a play at Arena Stage) this week and #51 (See a show at the Palace of Wonders) in a couple, so things are reasonably underway.

This weekend the bank stuff was unthrilling (thank goodness) but the play (Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, saw it with Martha last night) was awesome. Funny and surprising and wild and swift. Usually when I see performances my mind wanders but this was such a ride at the end I was completely engaged the whole time, even a little exhausted. Exactly the kind of experience I was hoping for.

So the end of last and the start of this year has been really positive - name an area of my life and there's been something interesting-in-a-good-way arriving or the usual amazingness maintained. Usual things have been happening in surprising ways - am looking forward to watching it all continue to develop.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Finishing that list and other sorting for the start of the year.

Doing (crafty stuff): While not strictly craft, Resolutions #24 (Update my site once a week) and #25 (Get good with my digital camera) should keep me somewhat arty.

Wanting: A really great 2009.

Anticipating: My seventh (seventh?!) Three Kings Day party this coming Sunday.

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