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Christmas Hussy Crown (12/03)

Coffee Jacket Crown (11/03)

Tiaras and Crowns

Hadn't made any of these in a while but since they're back in fashion the time seems ripe to start again.

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Christmas Hussy Crown (12/03)

(above) crown from above
(above) crown, detail

What: Crown for the Christmas Hussy at beley's annual Christmas Party. Per beley's request at Halloween, I made a crown for that special person.

(For) Who?: An explanation from the invite: "The Christmas Hussy. We've all seen and know him or her -- that person who is so brazenly drunk and sexually inappropriate during a classy affair. Alas, not a year has gone by without someone stepping up to the plate. We won't name names in the rogue's gallery of hussies (a few of which will be in attendance) but I'm sure *someone* will come through...".

(Made) With: Faux Holly Berry Garland with gold and red berries. Gold curling ribbon. Gold jingle bells. Condoms.

Who (designed it): SS the SS went with me to Michael's for inspiration, but the final design was mine.

When: started and finished 12/6/03, about 2 hours before we went to the party.

(Now) Wiser (Because): Realized that a small, subtle touch makes a big difference - the condoms were a last second inspiration that took this crown from okay to great. Actually had several people say that the crown was cool enough that they were going to work extra hard for the title in order to earn it.

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Coffee Jacket Crown (11/03)

(above) side view, with cautionary text displayed. (above) top view - notice coffee stirrer fastenings.

What: Crown/Coronet

(Made) With: Two Cardboard Coffee Jackets and a Coffee Stirrer from Common Grounds Coffee House in Arlington, VA.

Who (designed it): the ever creative (and fidgety) Sean.

When: While finishing up some coffee and lame cheesecake.

(First) Worn: I wore it out of the coffeehouse because he didn't seem to believe I would. Alas, didn't even get a second look from any of the other patrons.

(Now) Wiser (Because): Realized that tape wasn't necessary for cardboard work, as long as you're willing to have things look a little rustic.

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