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currently reading - stopped with the Frida biography for now - trying to tackle the VanDyck reading on International News.

currently listening to - Prince's Greatest Hits. Yes, again.

job status - told LOC yes. Waiting to hear back.



The Explanation E-mail - Of course I sent one. I wasn't going to freakin' explain it to everyone one by one, I wasn't going to pretend it didn't happen and I wasn't going to tell a couple of people and then let it leak without without having at least initial say on the spin.

I'm sure he's pissed I sent anything out to anyone. I'm pissed things ended the way they did.

Not overly fond of mass e-mails but they are a good way of making sure a number of people get the same info at the same time with minimal explanation. And though I love you all, things are still a bit too tender for me to have to explain again and again.

This week, (the exbf) and I broke up.

I'm okay. It's been a long time coming. And although I'm sad and angry and disoriented and I don't even know what else I am also to-the-bones sure this is the right thing. I know there's got to be something better than this out there for me.

And no I don't think he's a bad person in general. And just like it took two of us to make it work, there were two of us involved in its end.

But like I said my plans to move to DC after graduation are unchanged. I have what looks like a kick-ass job at Library of Congress lined up, am still planning on doing the cross-country drive out there, and then of course there's finishing up my degree here ; )

And I apologize if I've been more incommunicado than usual for the past few weeks. Took a while for this to actually happen, then a little bit for it to seem real enough to talk about it.

So, just wanted to let you all know. If you want to, e-mail or call or not in response - it just seemed too important to not let you all know it happened.

- Moryma

events of the day - Ended things with (the exbf) a few minutes ago. Later today am going to Wine Country with Brian and Jeremy.

plans for tonight - dinner and sleep-over at Jan and Jim's.

and tomorrow - Easter Easter Easter!


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