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currently reading - for book club next month we're reading "Seabiscuit" which I need to buy. In the meantime am finishing up this week's infovis reading.

currently listening to - angry chick music. stereotypical, I know.

job status - still waiting



School is definitely back in session.

Kirsten asked last night, after book club, if I've been writing. I said of course I have when of course I haven't. Writing is too clear a way in, too much too close to where I don't want to be right now. Its not that everything about this thing with (the exbf) this ending is bad. But now that its here I have to deal with everything I had so carefuly packed away. The things I'd tossed to the corners, lovingly placed on the shelf told myself that I would handle later handle when I got back to Washington. That is, if I can take the time away from the rest of my work. Grrrowl.

events of the day - breakfast meeting with the Newshound Gang and Warren ; project work; 213 presentations; work; bleh

plans for tonight - more work. bleh again.

and tomorrow - did I mention there's work?


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