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August 6, 2002
10:26 pm

snakey snarkey

Feeling rather snakey snarkey the last couple of days. Don't know if it's having to go back to work (I do love my job but love vacation as well), missing my family (talked to dad and Carmen and they were talking about how everyone except me was over on Sunday) or what.

I do suspect that a lot of it is the continuing realization that all this is for real. Working again, being back in DC, starting over, being older.

As for the big kahunas of life - house, career, kids, stability in all shapes and forms... makes me think of a line from the preface of Sandra Cisneros' "My Wicked Wicked Ways" where she talks about "wanting and not wanting". Of course I want to be a responsible grown up. But its friggin scary. So used to thinking of my parents or my older sibs in that way, with me in some sort of teenage-college-early-adult-and-therefore-not-responsible limbo. I'm horrible with birthdays, not unfamiliar with late fees, rarely get in my quota of five fruits and vegetables a day, and forget about drinking eight glasses of water. I don't own a car, have a student loans (but no credit card debts), am currently using someone else's furniture (thank you again, D!), have a tv on a chair and 5 pairs of strappy black sandals. I don't know what I thought being an adult would be like, but what it is feels rather messy and anticlimactic.

asterix bar

But enough of being pissy. All in all, all really is good. Especially whenever I stop brooding and start being.

asterix bar

Lulu's put the down payment on her guitar and I need to go do the same. Can't believe we're really going to take classes. Have wanted to play for a long time (ever since I started falling for guys in rock bands I've wanted to be in one) and I know it'll be tough but I would like to learn how to play, to get good enough to enjoy playing.

asterix bar

Took a Fireworks course today - haven't really used the program before so it was great to actually learn it instead of stabbing around trying to make things work. Made my snakey graphic and a few others for fun, but it should be helpful for work as well.

Am trying to actually get to bed at a decent time since waking up this week has been a painful process. Hasta manana, then.

a m.   just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): catching up at work.

Doing (crafty stuff): continuing with my collage walls, maybe making some curtains?

Wanting: Nothing much.

Anticipating: getting all Joni Mitchell and/or Liz Phair with the guitar.

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