Listening: "Vacation" by the Go-Gos. Am singing along with it softly as not to make more noise than strictly necessary.

Reading (perhaps quality): continuing getting nostalgic reading "Class Dismissed". Wondering why I don't remember High School being so strife-ridden.

Reading (definitely pulp): another Stephen King - " 'Salem's Lot" this time. I embarrassed about the affection I have for that man.

Drinking: semi-flat diet pepsi.

August 24, 2002
1:34 am

Random stuff on my mind (too awake to go to sleep, too tired to write anything long):

Talked to my brother this afternoon - he, my sister-in-law, and my baby nephew are moving from San Francisco over to Montclair. My Dad and Carmen must be over the moon - they'll be a 15 minute instead of 40 minute drive away. I'm disappointed to lose a San Francisco place to crash but the way David was talking their one bedroom apartment just wasn't cutting it. Amazing how babies can be so little still take up so much space.

Need to clean clean clean my place tonight (or what's left of tonight). It's not that its that bad but its messy enough so that I just feel slovenly being in it. Haven't decided if I want to start sleeping on the couch (the way the AC is, it is a lot cooler in the living room than in the bedroom) so that's kind of set up but mostly strewn about, the dining room table is covered in papers and other schtuff, I need to clean out my fridge and the dish drainer is full of long-dry dishes. Add some laundry to do and scattered yarn balls and you have an idea of the semi-wreck that is my apartment.

Bibi sent out info today - looks like the trip to Dewey is on! The condo ( has a washer dryer and a kitchen, and is stumbling distance from the bars. Don't really know anyone else who's going but spending two or three days in close company and (likely) serious intoxication should take care of that. Should all be cool. Haven't been to Dewey since that time with Bibi, her beau at the time, beley, a guy-I-dated-briefly-a-while-before-the-trip, and a few others. Someone's got the video from that trip - I think in general it involved much drinking and talk that seemed terribly funny at the time but that was just really hard to follow afterwards. That's also the trip where I got the nickname "Momyma", from a very very drunk Beley making dinner and slurring my name.

Spent a while listening to sound recordings from American Memory (
) while looking at images for the new site I was working on. The images are great but if you have a decent internet connection the sound recordings are even better. Completely fed my "Roots' music hunger with treats from throughout the South ( today. Hurrah!

a m.   just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): meetings in the morning. Got to do some creative work designing a site for a project at the library from start to finish - logo, page design, etc.

Doing (crafty stuff): took pictures of a bunch of my past works - now linked to from the projects page.

Wanting: some kind of resolution at work, the weather to flippin' cool down.

Anticipating: a busy weekend.

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