Listening: "Daisy Chain" by the Go-Go's. It's my least favorite of the songs on their latest album but it it what's playing right now. Other than that it's quiet here in the office.

Reading (perhaps quality): Almost done with The Fellowship of the Ring.

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing. I really want to finish this book!

Drinking: cold coffee left from breakfast.

December 6, 2002
12:24 pm

For a girl who spent some of her teen years in New England and who was known in family lore as a sure-footed rock climber, I sure suck at walking on ice.

Admittedly, in CT there's not a lot of walking going on (you drive everywhere - there aren't even sidewalks near my mom's house) and the temperature usually stays below freezing so the snow stays crunchy-but-not-too-slippery snow.

Not so here in DC.

We got several inches of snow yesterday that by this morning became several inches of ice. Undulating fields of previously packed snow overnight turned into something safe looking but ankle turning. Worse were the thin layers of ice across the sidewalk. Someone tried to be helpful and shovel it but by leaving a little snow behind they created something more dangerous, changing smooth sidewalk to smoother mini ice rinks. And me without skates.

This wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't for the mile long walk to the metro from my house. 15 minutes of navigating through that stuff today resulted in two near wipeouts and me realizing that the long walk wasn't just a figurative pain in the ass - that unless I can find a route where they salt the sidewalks it could be a literal one. So I just printed out the bus routes from my place to the metro. Until the weather changes my days as a walking badass may be limited.

snow! snow! snow!

But other than the treacherous road conditions, all has been well. Stayed home sick yesterday - have been feeling cold-ish and was concerned that I would get really ill if I made my way across the snow. And am just catching up on things today. A busy weekend planned - drinks tonight, the 5K and a dress-up party tomorrow, time with Marie on Sunday. All that seems rather far away, with another half day of work ahead...

a m.   just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Class was canceled last night so there was no trek to Georgetown. I wasn't feeling well so there was no trek to work. And with all of the snow I was happy to spend the day yesterday hanging out, bundling up, and doing crafty things. Alas today it's back to work...

Doing (crafty stuff): Making these glass marble magnets. At first was going to make them as gifts but I'm still figuring out what looks good on them and how to do them well - they're still relegated to going on top of the wrapping.

Wanting: Got the call. Right now I'm just hoping for a little more energy so I can get my but to the gym a little more often. It's been sooooo easy to be lazy lately.

Anticipating: still the 5K and some good going out this weekend. Have a happy hour tonight and a big party on Saturday!

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