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December 21, 2002
6:02 pm

(Note - if you've ever wondered what my bathroom looks like, this is the entry for you!)

snow! snow! snow!

Crafting Resin Emergency, Stat!

Talullah and I had a blast making our resin magnets.

We'd originally talked about doing the resin at her place - she's got some space outside and the stuff really stinks. But things were running late and I offered my bathroom as an alternate. She came over a little later than planned - magnets at the ready, resin in hand. We pawed through confetti to pick out pieces that would work with the images in the magnets, set up the bathroom, and figured we were home free.

Talullah trying to open the damn can
Talullah with a last second half-up, trying to open the damn can

Alas, no. The resin was some fiberglass resin - fine for boats and all but the tan color wouldn't do for us. With me sitting in the bathtub and she standing by the door (hey - even the wrong resin really stinks) we debated whether we could use the wrong resin and say it was a sepia-toned artistic statement. After deciding no we tore out of the house and up to Michael's to buy some of the right stuff.

(Above) me, in the bathtub.

After a car ride of New Years Eve planning (verdicts - yes there will be dancing, and yes its worthwhile to invite people who will be able to come only after midnight) we made it back to the house. Opening the resin can was the next challenge - the two of us and a screwdriver managed it after a few minutes and some almost-swearing.

The goods
(Above) resin, catalyst, and high-tech funnel

Intending to float confetti in the resin, we made the magnets (you can see some of them, above) in two layers. We mixed the first layer, gagged from the smell, rapidly poured, then ran out of the bathroom to let the stuff harden.

Ten minutes later we headed back in. Confetti was hard to work with, having resin-sticky fingers and all. I didn't end up using it but Talullah put it in a couple of her pieces. Mixed and poured the second layer and started cleaning up.

me, stirring the second layer batch
(Above) me, stirring the second layer batch

So now I have an apartment redolent of resin, a bathroom filled with craft accouterments, and some magnets that look rather dodgy but that could turn out cool. We'll see...

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