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December 29, 2002
7:35 pm

Being home in California was wonderful, not that that's too much a surprise. The trip was short, lots happened, and I hardly took any photos but here are some highlights...

The 24th - arriving and much family

Left Dullles at 8:15 (luckily snagged a ride with a fried of mine from Cal who was picking her beau up at the airport at the same time I was leaving). Was excited about taking Jet Blue as I'd heard good things about their planes and service.

All was well until we landed in Oakland and they told us that they had taken no one's baggage. The herd of us trooped to the ticket counter where they said it wasn't their fault and they would get us our bags as soon as possible. No explanation about what terrible crisis necessitated leaving a plane full of baggage on Christmas Eve. My dad and I asked when we could expect the bags and got branded hecklers by the service personnel. Oh well.

Got home and rested some. Didn't have to do a lot of preparation for the evening as I had nothing to change in to. Dad made his baklava, Carmen did the millions of things she does before parties, and I got all of the artistic chores (arranging things, etc).

dad mnaking the baclava
(above) Dad making his incredible baklava

The cousins, my aunt and uncle, some family friends, and my sister in law (with new baby) all came over for our annual Christmas Eve open house. Three kinds of tamales, desserts, plenty of wine and six months worth of family stories to catch up on made for a good night.

the tree
(above) The tree. Note that no one's really bothered to put presents under it yet and it's Christmas Eve.

The 25th - Christmas!

Got up late-ish (I think sometime around 8:30) - as I'm the youngest there were no kids to get us up any earlier. Came downstairs and saw my first present - the airline had delivered my suitcase. Hooray!

Was the normal Christmas routine - Dad made Carmen and I lattes, we had our pigs in a blanket and opened presents. Got very cool loot, and it was fun to watch the folks open what I got them. My brother, sister and law and their baby came over and we opened presents. Then the group of us headed over to my sister's.

Had a blast at my sister's. The food and wine were incredible (they always are), my niece and nephews very sweet. We played some board games (Clue and Scrabble) and talked talked talked. Until late.

The 26th - Monterey and more family

Dad, Carmen and I made the drive down to Monterey to visit one of my cousins and his family who are stationed at the Presidio down there. We took Highway 1 down for the view but I fell asleep pretty quickly as I'm wont to do on drives (better sleeping than getting sick, I learned as a kid).

My cousin and his family live in a gorgeous house with an incredible view of the bay. They stuffed us with gumbo and jambalaya and petit pois salad - so delicious.... I hung out mostly with my younger cousins - we played cards, jumped around on the trampoline, and drove around town. I'd seen the oldest of them over Thanksgiving when she was visiting DC, so it was good to catch up with her and actually see the others. We came back on post to go see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" - my cousin cracked us up afterwards with stories about how planning their wedding was almost as crazy.

The 27th - catching up with (some) friends

Started the day with lunch with a friend of mine from CT who's now living in Berkeley near campus. Hung out in her exquisite Julia Morgan house (coffered ceilings, detailed wood floors, wood paneling on walls, etc) and met her sweet (and cute) fiancé. We caught up on gossip - both about ourselves and other people (she hadn't gone to our 10 year reunion).

Then met up with JA over at Strada (had to get a coffee of course) and got to ride over to the city with her in her awesome new mini cooper!

ja with her cooper!
(Above) JA with her adorable car!

Hung out at her place with her cats, Lisa then came over and the three of us talked about our jobs, SIMS politics, upcoming conferences, and men (not necessarily in that order). Met up with my other project partner and his wife for dinner - got some good Indian food, industry (UI design and library) gossip, and general conversation.

lisa, me and ja
(above) Lisa, me, and JA taking a break from the Indian Food

The gang of us had some coffee, then I headed up to my brother's restaurant and he drove me back over to dad's. My one regret of the day - I was such a chicken-with-head-removed dork that I didn't get to see Beley...

The 28th - Leaving

I took the red eye back so I had all day at home. Don't remember doing much of anything - some laundry and much general hanging out. Some good friends of the family (they were also at my graduation) came over for dinner - gorged ourselves on tamales and the kind of anything conversation you have with people you've known forever. Then just got to the airport in time for my 11:30 flight. Traffic was horrible and I cursed the airport's traffic flow repeatedly but I made it one the plan in time for a sleepless night of traveling.

The 29th - Arriving

Miraculously my suitcases made it on the plane to Virginia. Got a shuttle home, caught some sleep, met up with Carrie and her cousin for coffee, slept some more, and here I am.

So good to go away and good to be back. Now back to the office manana to see what fresh hell caused by my week away awaits me there...

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Doing (crafty stuff): got kudos for my crafts while I was away but haven't done anything new lately.

Wanting: Sleep, blessed sleep.

Anticipating: see above.

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