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Reading (perhaps quality): Reading a book on Alice Paul. But I read The Year of Wonders and The Other Boleyn Girl while away in CA.

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December 31, 2002
6:02 pm

Lots happened in 2002. While there were lots of good things, I'm glad I'm on the other side of all that upheaval.

The major highlights?

(March) Breaking up with the exbf - Yes, it was a long time coming. And yes, if things weren't going to get better it was better to just have it end. But still it was a disappointing, saddening experience to end such a long relationship.

(March onwards) Realizing, again, how incredible my friends are - With the combination of the breakup and finishing up my degree I was beyond stressed. My friends - those here in DC and back in Berkeley were wonderful, supportive, incredible. I'm still just amazed with their generosity, warmth, and wonderfulness.

(May) Birth of my youngest nephew - Like the rest of my nieces and nephews, from the beginning little Cameron was the cutest thing around. But the best part was and continues to be seeing how incredibly happy my brother is being a father.

(May) My family not freaking at graduation - Major events had always always always been marked by some kind of drama between my long-divorced parents. This time, at my graduation from Cal, there was none. None at all. Everyone was friendly, got along. This was revolutionary and I believe the way things will go from now on.

(May) Graduating - Oh yeah, I got a Master's degree....

(May) Leaving CA - Leaving Berkeley meant saying goodbye to my family, to my fabulous apartment, to my friends from school, and to being a student. Though happy to be heading back to DC it was hard leaving so much good stuff behind.

(May/ June) Traveling cross country - Four days on the train, a few days with my grandparents in NM. Train travel rocked (especially once I got a sleeper car), the scenery was incredible, and the slow progression across country made the trip more of an event than some torturous flight.

(June) Moving back to DC - Strange but wonderful to be back in DC, among old friends and summer humidity. D's old place (where I perched for the first month) and my current apartment (where I've been since) are bright quiet and all mine, and the rest of the city is not bad either.

(June) Starting the new job - Interesting projects, knowledgeable co-workers, career track work and possibilities for advancement - from the start this job has had it all.

(October onwards) Adjusting to life back in DC - It was hard at first, getting used to working again, to living not visiting here, to being away from my family, to being in a social scene that is very different than the one I left a couple of years ago. Being at Cal changed me, I mean there's what I learned in class but being back there reminded me of who I was before I came to DC - learning how to integrate the who I was here, the who I was there, and the who I am now took some time. But it's all good.

So that's 2002. Am meeting up with Foster and SS the SS in a little bit to have some dinner and start the evening. A happy new year to all and to all a good night!

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Have been catching up on things at work, looking forward to a good night out tonight.

Doing (crafty stuff): Made crowns for my party this weekend.

Wanting: All is well.

Anticipating: Some kind of craziness tonight...

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